Am I Pretty, Cute, Hot or Beautiful?๐ŸŒป Quiz

There are many great looks for females, and each has its own undeniable allure. Which of these are you - pretty, cute, hot or beautiful? Take this cuteness test to find out! For the most accurate result, BE HONEST! And if you don't get the exact result you wanted, that's OK - because your own unique beauty is MORE than good enough.:)

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    What color is your hair?
    What color is your hair?

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1012 days ago
I'm 80% cute..

Well then

Uhm i guess my friend's be telling the truth

1017 days ago
Iโ€™m cute!....


1022 days ago
I literally had my best friend saying the other day
"The boys are head over heels for you"
1022 days ago
I got cute- So they agree with my friends?
1025 days ago
I got cute pretty and beautiful. WHAT?
1027 days ago
I got 60% cute i'm happy thank you!!!
1028 days ago
i got a 50% im happy
1035 days ago
i got 100% cute! i am very happy about that!
1035 days ago
i am 60% cute but no one said i was cute only one guy but that was once he said and i quote your adorable puggle
1040 days ago
Look guys I have tons of guys after me and I only got cute WHATTTT I donโ€™t understand Iโ€™m 12 but look like Iโ€™m 15 and I have 14 years old drooling over me and a 16 year old
1043 days ago
40 percent hot thank you!
1043 days ago
I'm 95% hot that's why guys always come to me
1047 days ago
I mean- I got hot, but i don't think im hot. I'm 13 and my boyfriend (Yall are probably like SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND AT 13!? DO YOUR PARENTS KNOW?) Hell nah. They would kill me. :/))
anyways my boyfriend says im beautiful but i dont knowwwwwww. H e l p :
1049 days ago
hi i'm Nora im half romanian and half irish also half asian
1050 days ago
Azuma (Reply) I'm Asian and I have brown hair and brown eyes
1058 days ago
i mean my mother got 30%
1058 days ago
i got cute and lovely with no percents idk how but my mother got 50% pretty
1059 days ago
When you're Asian..... Thet didn't add black eye color or hair......
1064 days ago
i am cute and beautiful but keeps changing with guys anyway i am 40% cute
1066 days ago
me again.... this time i got 70% cute