Are You Beautiful?

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Take the HONEST test to know if you really are beautiful! Remember to not be discouraged by negative results because I'm sure a little more (or maybe less) makeup will fix you right up:)

  • 1
    When you look in the mirror you see...?
  • 2
    Do you get asked out on dates often?
  • 3
    Which one best describes your face?

  • 4
    How is your hair?
  • 5
    What's your health and weight like?
  • 6
    Okay, now what's your morning routine?

  • 7
    Alright now here is a situation. You are getting ready for your first date with a guy you really, really like! You know he is into the country style with boots, flannel shirts, and what-not, but you are more of a girly-type... How do you prepare?
  • 8
    How clean are you?
  • 9
    Do you have style?
  • 10
    Remember... not all beauty is on the outside. This question is a personality question....

    You only had enough money to buy two tickets to a concert. You and your best friend have been talking about going to a concert forever, but there is a guy you have liked for YEARS and he loves the band that's playing! Who would you choose to bring?

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280 days ago
Honestly, I was surprised by how upright hurtful and odd this test was. It blatantly laid out which features are "beautiful" and these are not; from someone who's struggled immensely with body image and confidence, this test was horrific to complete. The use of words like "good," and "better" show how openly disgusting this test is. Not only that, but the test is exclusive to girls with straight hair and straight sexualities- did you forget that bi, lesbian, pansexual, and ace girls exist (not to mention the gorgeous ladies out there with wavy, curly, coily, and 💗 hair types like me)? Finally, the few options that were obviously considered to be "ugly" (like the one that said cross-eyed, unibrow, paper-thin lips, acne, and missing teeth) were just AWFUL. To all my ladies out there with one or more of these qualities, know that this does not make you ugly, less attractive, or not pretty. You might think of these qualities as "undesirable" but trust me, you're definitely not whatsoever. The people that uphold these harmful, outrageously sexist, conformist, atrocious beliefs like whoever made this test are disgusting, and whoever tells you that you're not ideal fits into that category. Please, delete this as soon as possible, because your disgusting ideals are what spread negativity into the world. Horrendous.
410 days ago
You are beautiful everybody
Ashi you are beautiful
545 days ago
It is good but it do not show the truth
602 days ago
855 days ago
You are BEAUTIFUL! Don't change a thing! People everywhere want to be you or be with you whether you realize it or not! Now go out and show everyone just how STUNNING you are!

Yeah, they got that one right. I'm awesome no matter what and no person can change that.
895 days ago
You are BEAUTIFUL! Go shine your light on the world and remember to keep your chin high and to stay confident because you have no reason not to be!:)
919 days ago
It really doesn’t matter what you pick from the answers you will do great!
939 days ago
I think no matter what answer you pick you are all beuatiful! It doesn’t matter what you look like but how you are as a person:)
1123 days ago
Omg I’m beautiful! Thanks everyone!
1205 days ago
i got the same thing yay!!!
1263 days ago
You are BEAUTIFUL! Go shine your light on the world and remember to keep your chin high and to stay confident because you have no reason not to be!:)