Am I Beautiful?

In a word, yes - you definitely are! No doubt about it.:)
But what KIND of beauty do you have? Find out here! This Am I Beautiful? quiz is for girls only. It will help you figure out how beautiful, and what kind of beautiful, you are. This test is super-accurate (but only if you are completely honest in answering, of course)!

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    What's the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror?
    What's the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror?

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50 days ago
Sorry meant they’re
50 days ago
You have your own style, and it fits you extremely well. You have a big circle of friends, even if you don't realize it. And you have an amazing personality that includes being hilarious AND beautiful. Keep doing what you're doing, because it's working! I wouldn't change a single thing.

This describes very well! People laugh at my joke all the time and I one of the questions it said one of the guys as an answer. I *obviously* chose that! I am like one of the guys and sometimes it’s annoying because you can’t talk about stuff that’s on your mind because there boys. I mean, after knowing my BFF for *years* she still doesn’t know about two of my deepest secrets!
77 days ago
all the tests that im taking say that im beautiful.....ok cool i guess, but remember that it doesn't matter what the quiz says it matters what you think of you. Never be anyone but urself. Keep being awesome guys!
81 days ago
as much as it says I’m pretty I can’t take a test and believe it especially if other tests say different
160 days ago
Thanks for the test! It really made me believe that I was more beautiful than I thought I was! Anyway.... a relationship with me won’t really go anywhere. Why you might ask...well that’s a different story! I wonder what would happen if someone had a crush on me! Right!?😃
230 days ago
I kind of wish this quiz said just "crush" or "someone" rather than boys, because there are girls out there that aren't straight, like me. Nonetheless, I don't think these quizzes are beneficial for girls' mental health. I just want to tell my fellow girls that you all are gorgeous, don't let any test or anyone tell you otherwise.
243 days ago
And for the author, please stop assuming that l am straight
243 days ago
I like girls, bro.
244 days ago
Hi guys!
So i’m in 8th grade and i’m taking geometry and all of the geometry kids are on this big google doc group chat and one day they people started writing descriptions by our names and mine was- the sweet one who is pretty enough to get a boyfriend unlike the rest of us. I really don’t think I am very pretty and idk if they r just being nice or what but that’s what they said. They might be right tho bc i have had about 4 guys like me in middle school. ❤️
245 days ago
Wow I'm 11 and guys are lining up for me even though I go to a girls school...
248 days ago
BTW...I have something to add:
I am 11 and I put on a 2-piece swimsuit to go wash the car with my dad and he saw me and he was like "PUT ON A SWEATER!!!" because I have growing breasts and I am pretty tall and have a good figure. My mom started crying when she saw me in the swimsuit because I look like a young woman. Two days later I had ballet practice so I was in my leotard and my tights and pointe shoes and my nipples are a bit sensitive so I was trying to get away with wearing a bra...It was totally showing. My dad was looking at me like "Four words, young lady: PUT. ON. A. SWEATER.!". Thank god for quarantine, because I am wearing sweats every day 🤣😂😅
248 days ago
Okay...I look at myself and see an ugly troll, but everyone is always complimenting my beauty! I was so confused! I took this test and it said "you are drop-dead gorgeous"! Now I know that I'm gorgeous!!!! Thank you quiz!
256 days ago
You're beautiful and you know it! Guys are lining up for you -- but most won't like you for YOU. Try to find a guy who likes you for your amazing personality and not for your body. It might take some looking, but he will be worth it. Every once and a while, try to go out somewhere with a few friends (sorry, without boys) and just have fun. Also, try to be yourself, not just what you think everyone else wants you to be. Wow ;n;
261 days ago
I like this quiz cos it says we're all beautiful, but in our different ways
262 days ago
im 12 i have a crush we look at each other every time we see each other and hold eye contact but im 12 so its probly just a childhood crush it also says i have a amazing personality i dont i am a little mean
270 days ago
I love how she says I have an amazing personality. If she met me she would probably reconsider 😂😂😂
272 days ago
Boys are no problem to talk to, they are like the easiest thing in the world. I only have like 4 friends that are girls. Then I have 15 friends that r boys if u count my boyfriend
281 days ago
Um. I dont prefer to wear bikini i like to wear one-piece swimsuit it just makes me feel more comfortable :D
281 days ago
I use to put alot of makeup when i was like 9 but now i like natural makeup. It just makes me feel gud, idk.
289 days ago
I’m a natural beauty I love myself last time I wore makeup was at 7 when I had a dance recital I’m 10 now yea natural the only thing I have rn that is close to makeup is some cherry soda flavored chapstick that I lost somehow I look beautiful in the chapstick tho so yea #natural beauty