Am I Pretty? Quiz

Do you sometimes wonder whether or not you're pretty? Do you question what other people think of your looks? Take my Am I Pretty? quiz to find out, plus receive an assessment AND advice! P.S.: Don't ever hate on yourself, 'K? Because believe me, it's beautiful to be positive and self-confident. I know it's easier said than done, but just practice being nice to yourself.

  • 1
    How pretty would YOU say you are? Please answer this question and all others honestly and objectively for the most accurate assessment (i.e., do not choose "ugly" to be modest, or "pretty" to impress).
    How pretty would YOU say you are? Please answer this question and all others honestly and objectively for the most accurate assessment (i.e., do not c
  • 2
    What do other people say to you regarding your looks (verbally)?
  • 3
    What's your most prominent facial feature? (If you don't really have one, choose the one you either notice the most or receive the most comments about.)

  • 4
    Do your best to describe your hair based on these options. (Stuck? Just choose the closest one to your specific hair type.)
  • 5
    Describe your skin.
  • 6
    How do your teeth look?

  • 7
    What is your body type?
  • 8
    How do you dress on most days?
  • 9
    How often do you shower?
  • 10
    A word to describe yourself (KEEP BEING HONEST!:-)

Comments (399)


349 days ago
it said i was beautiful even though im not but thanks to: the maker of this quiz :)
556 days ago
Soo there was this huge drama in my class where the boys started rating the girls prettyness..... They started screaming girls names then numbers... for example " Estefany, 6". Us girls were confused so Me and two friends walked up to them and we were like whats happening why are you yelling our names then numbers..
They said they were rating how pretty we are. So I was like that's not nice! and then they said they don't care! When the girl found out they went INSANE! Some of the girls can be a bit..... Violent sometimes.. One of the girls punched the leader of the boys group. It was crazy! then more punching then all the boys got in HUGE trouble for rating and punching girls!!!!!!!!!!!!
656 days ago
It said that I was beautiful, but I am not so sure. All I know is that I should keep my chin high instead of drowning in insecurity. Thanks, Quiz xoxoxo
692 days ago
GORGEOUS, as if thats a suprise.
693 days ago
Wha kinda purty I is?
Plenny purty yall
693 days ago
Wha?? dis tess.
Neds me mo skoolen.
Ah purty ya.
Gits me ta skool in stepdembor.
Lern bout tings en all
Tire workin in fass food
Boss ingry wit me alla tim.
Tire a cleein all tolets e very day
719 days ago
It said I was beautiful, nice coment but she is!
733 days ago
I always get your pretty but I'm not! I only look pretty somedays but other times I just look downright ugly!
764 days ago
It said that I'm average I'm not surprised at all but I want to be prettier. I have glasses which is sad. :(
795 days ago
it liedddddd i am not beautifull U-U
795 days ago
(-_-)(O>O) whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
854 days ago
I got omg u r pretty. This made my day!
P.s u r all beautiful. Sounds cheesy right? Sometimes u don’t wanna believe it. Find ur best feature and show it off. U’ll be prettier than before!
884 days ago
I'm pretty on my own way. I'm pretty just the way i am. I am beutiful enough.
885 days ago
Hey aspen don’t mind those comments they aren’t valid or reasonable and you have no reason to feel bad about yourself when what matters is you not your looks.
885 days ago
At school I am one of the weird one... I get made fun of for my grey eyes, my height, my hair, how I act, and more. (I have silver/grey eyes, blonde hair, white skin)
AND I get mae fun of becuase I am Czechoslovakian. Sad times.

This quiz may not be accurate but, my cat is 'uglyer' than all of you, so your not at the bottom :)
885 days ago
You are beautiful.
I see you do not present yourself in that way a lot of the time, or you present yourself that way too much (in that case, take a step back). But for those of you who marked off things like "ugly," or don't have perfect teeth....You are still beautiful. And because you're looking for advice on the INTERNET, you might not think so - but I KNOW you are! Hold yourself up high, because you deserve to FEEL something that you already are: beautiful! (If you don't believe my encouragement, take some other "more accurate" tests.)
But girlllll, you're gorgeous. Don't feel confident? Take a shower and put on some clothes you really like. YOU ARE GORGEOUS.
P.S.: ALL the body-type questions counted exactly the same.

READ THIS: This is stupid.
910 days ago
These questions were kinda vague. Its nice ythat they said everyone was pretty but i wish theyd been honest
925 days ago
I'm glad they tell us that we're beautiful no matter what we actually look like.
932 days ago
Me knowing this answer is not true: You are beautiful.
You might be on the "average" end of the spectrum. But let's think about that spectrum. I asked what type of HAIR you have. What YOU think of yourself. All questions directly linked with insecurity. You sure as H.E.-double-hockey-stick are not going to answer those 100 percent honestly every time. You are pretty and there's always going to be someone who's jealous of you. You're beautiful and there's no other way of putting it.

P.S.: ALL the body type questions counted exactly the same.

I Am somewhat ugly and everyone I know knows that's what I'm like.
934 days ago
You are beautiful.
Oh my gosh, you're pretty! As if that's a surprise. You know how to take care of yourself and that's important, I guess. What's really important are the questions you answered knowing you might get a lower score. I hope you know that you are beautiful, and that it wasn't necessary to Google "Am I pretty?" in the first place. That's how I got to making this quiz. Apparently, I'm the ugliest duckling ever. I think you should worry less and live in the moment. Love yourself, Beautiful.

oh my gosh thank you!this made me so happy and i rate this 10/10 but remember it doesn't matter about the outside it only matters whats on the inside. Be kind, stay cool, be positive, love yall bye!