Am I Pretty? Test (Beauty Scale of 1-10)

A test to see if you're pretty or not. So much emphasis is put on these things, and it's hard to look at ourselves objectively - so I created this little quiz to help out. Take it now, share it with friends, and find out how pretty you truly are. Please remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • 1
    What is your current hair color?
    What is your current hair color?
  • 2
    What is your eye color?
  • 3
    What is your personality like?

  • 4
    How big is your circle of friends?
  • 5
    Has anyone commented on one of your features? If so, what?
  • 6
    What does your usual daily outfit look like?

  • 7
    Do you wear makeup?
  • 8
    At its best, what is your hair usually like?
  • 9
    How is your smile?
  • 10
    Do you love yourself, and are you happy with your natural look?

Comments (318)


2 hours ago
Everybody got 11 out of 10. I wanted to know how pretty I was on the outside.
25 days ago
yo this was kinda a waist of time
25 days ago
11/10 bro everyone got that!!!
27 days ago
Yes everyone got an 11/10 because everybody is beautiful the way they are :)
77 days ago
wait, did everyone get an 11?
118 days ago
Everyone got and 11/10 because everyone has beauty. You don need a beauty test to see if your pretty. I feel like many people on this site just came here for some reassurance because they have no self confidence. You ARE beautiful and you don´t need a useless site to tell you so. Have confidence in yourself and youĺl see how amazing you are.
134 days ago
I think I really really am not pretty like they said. I actually think that I'm quite ugly. I am gonna die according to them I broke the scale." My sister said I am ugly.
181 days ago
It got 11/10. Bruh, there is no way I am Preet on the outside.
213 days ago
Everyone here is beautiful even if you don't think you are. Don't take tests like this.
224 days ago
it said i broke the scale by getting a score of 11/10 but i don't think so i hate everything about my self soo i don't know why it said that i was beautiful when i hate everything about my self
238 days ago
it tagged i - d - i - o - t lol
238 days ago
but i'm NOT pretty. i have blackheads all over my face, my nose is too big, by eyebrows are SO bushy with crowns that make my eyebrows move up and down and whenever the SLIGHTEST motion happens to them the hairs move down and i look like an 🦄 and i have a mustache and my hair is soooo tangled and frizzy and bushy :
247 days ago
Y'all! Everybody got an 11 out of 10 because we shouldn't have to judge ourselves based on our looks. Physical beauty is not something that should exist, because then we aren't confident in ourselves. We need to be more confident in ourselves and in what we do. If you think that you're not pretty, then so be it. But just know that every person is beautiful. Have a good day/night! :)
256 days ago
Hello. This website isn't fake, you all are pretty af even if other people or you don't realize it. So stop putting yourself down
264 days ago
Luna ain’t my real name it my dream name
264 days ago
I’m cut but a bit Tall and a tiny bit chubby
266 days ago
It said 11 out of 10 for me but l think that l am ugly
274 days ago
Yep, I ain't pretty and either this test does not capture what I look like or it's just a scam because I got 11/10. You broke the beautiful scale with a score of 11 out of 10.
You're beautiful. You might not think so, but trust me, you ARE. Inside AND out. Don't compare yourself to anyone else, because you are just as beautiful as they are. You're perfect just the way you are. Keep on going. Much love.(: Stay lovely, darling. I mean!?!?!?!?
275 days ago
i am ugly and the most unpopular girl in school they still say 11/10 this is definaly fake
284 days ago
This is not fake, i think it's saying eveeyone is 11 out of 10 because it wants to raise your self confidence.