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What type of Beauty am I

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Are you sexy, hot, cute, natural or stunning?

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    How much make-up do you use?
    How much make-up do you use?

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241 days ago
For 46% you are: You got Stunning and Classy. You have the air of a supreme queen who glides in with a mass of adorers. Your friends look up to you and you're the belle of the ball.

yay :D
1026 days ago
38 percent naturual beauty! I guess I can see that...

31 percent sexy!! WAHOO! I guess I do have an hourglass figure..

23 percent cute. This matches, i am very short

8 percent hot, popular, trendy! I feel like this percentage should be higher. I was with the popular kids in Elementary a whole lot. I spent, like everyday with them lucky me :P
1053 days ago
so... got cute and hot ;-; great
1093 days ago
So I got a bit of all of them but mostly natural at 31%..... I guess that that is actually true. I have the type of face that can look like any of those if I use the correct makeup and style. Lucky me? Maybe. M y face can also do ugly pig on a bad day though.....
1356 days ago
Oop i got natural. Guess dats good... no makeup for me! (Lol i cant get it rite anyway)
1469 days ago
stunning and classy queen
1644 days ago
i have two, because i got the same scores, im hot AND natural, which is true
2605 days ago
When it asked what one of my features was, I got so upset! I literally have like ALL of the features listed! It was so hard to pick just one. :(
2740 days ago
Beauty lies inside ur heart..iam a natural beauty girl
2776 days ago
cute and dimples- aka me!!!!!
2846 days ago
I did this full quiz to get RESTRICTED!UGH!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡