Are you Physically Attractive?

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Girls only! This is just supposed to be a fun quiz:-)

  • 1
    What's your age?
  • 2
    How tall are you?
  • 3
    What's your body mass index (bmi)? (just calculate it online if you don't know your bmi)

  • 4
    Eye color?
  • 5
    Skin tone?
  • 6
    Hair color?

  • 7
    Face shape?
  • 8
    Eye shape?
  • 9
    Eyes continued...
  • 10
    Nose shape?

  • 11
    Head size in comparison to body?
  • 12
    Lips shape?
  • 13
    Mouth size compared to nose?
    (is you mouth wider, smaller, or as wide as your nose?)
  • 14
    Neck length?
  • 15
    What kind of cheekbones do you have?
  • 16
    How do your eyebrows look?

  • 17
    Chest size? (try to choose the closest)
  • 18
    Waist to Hip ratio?
  • 19
    Do you have a toned body?
  • 20
    Are you?

Comments (16)


7 days ago
Just realized this was for women LOL... still got a 7-8 baby chads 🐬 rule!
7 days ago
8 days ago
5-6. Did they add 'cute look' to make ppl feel better :(
19 days ago
i need to lose weight, i def am not 7/8
33 days ago
I’m more than a 5-6 bruh
47 days ago
My body shape is bad tho
47 days ago
Nah I deserve better than 5-6
87 days ago
You are right, Mikaila :).
93 days ago
Yay! I'm a 7-8! In reality I think that I am more of a 6 or 7 on a good day or 8 with decent makeup. I guess I could look a lot worse!
186 days ago
7-8 peeps, cause all the people tht said I was beautiful were lying to my face..........
💝 em all
198 days ago
im 5-6 i knew it! I was ugly, why is everyone elses higher?
441 days ago
I got 9-10 what about you
455 days ago
oh no! i got average. i think i should have got 7-8
498 days ago
I don’t think it was necessary to add skin tone in there. every skin tone is beautiful and that’s just completely discriminatory.
596 days ago
“7 to 8 you are quite pretty based to today’s beauty standards:-))”
Thank you for the compliment, people show me pictures of beautiful models and say I look like them but when I look into a mirror I see a body that makes me think I can do better, or am I blind because I don’t think I am very pretty 😂 but I have recently won something that I have practice hard to get for years. And it has made me have more confidence, I used to have slumped shoulders (because of a spinal injury that was caused by rodeo accidents that never got fixed) and I was super self conscious, but after the victory I hold myself straight and pull my shoulders back (it hurts my back but I am getting used to it) and I am starting to love myself and my body. And all that has changed is my confidence! People compliment me and it makes me feel good! So if you feel bad about yourself/looks then just try to boost your confidence, trust me it helps!
Love y’all, good luck out there 💗!
626 days ago
Well i am average. I feel like the results should have been unattractive and ugly af.