Are you attractive?

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This quiz is for schoolgirls who want to know if they're physically attractive or not. That said, please note that beauty comes in different shapes and forms. This quiz is based on western beauty standards. Not everyone views a type of beauty the same, like how the meaning of cute varies from person to person. A good thing about this quiz, though, is that it doesn't judge you for your race, skin tone, hair color, etc.
Remember that you are automatically pretty if you are beautiful on the inside!:)

  • 1
    Do people blush when you make eye contact with them? Do they smile or blush when you catch them staring at you?
  • 2
    How big are your eyes?
  • 3
    How big is your nose?

  • 4
    How full are your lips?
  • 5
    How's your skin?
  • 6
    How's your hair?

  • 7
    Do people compliment you about your appearance?
  • 8
    How many boys have had crushes on you? (As far as you know)
  • 9
    What's your body shape?
  • 10
    How popular are you at school?

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525 days ago
IDK if these tell the truth! I am sure that part of the results are just to make you feel good about yourself, because, i have gotten drop-dead gorgous, 9/10 pretty and stuff when at my school, nobody wants to be my friend or even seems interested in me. So I'm not so sure these are very accurate
595 days ago
You're so pretty! A lot of people have crushes on you, in terms of physical attraction. If you have a personality as gorgeous as your looks, you are absolutely amazing!: D

I guess this is pretty accurate! I have long thick beautiful curly hair, a clear easy face with nice eyebrows, an hourglass figure, but i'm pretty short
623 days ago
Please also rate me thanks.
623 days ago
You have all been bamboozled I am infact not a woman. Umm, I didn't like the questions and I'm not a woman. I'm gonna go to sleep. Then I'm gonna wake up. Probably gonna talk to my friend after that, then school. After school I go home, I talk to my friend, then I drink 1.2 liters of tea. I'm gonna go now this is dumb
629 days ago
"You're an average kind of pretty when it comes to attractiveness. Some people have crushes on you here and there. If your personality is awesome, though, that is super attractive itself! ;)"

the quiz changed from last time y'all i feel like it's more accurate now. anyway i think i'm average too! haha
hope you guys are hanging in there during the pandmic :) talk to me if you need to get anything off your chest
777 days ago
welp i try to get quizes honest opinions outof them. I have golden brown slightly wavy hair down to my elbows, alllmost tan skin, big teal ish eyes, really dark and thick eyelashes (everyone coments on them and there my best feature) reasonably athleti build, clear but sensitive and really soft skin, some freckles (unoticable), straight clear teeth with slight crossbite, tiny nlose, averge lips, as megan trinor would say "all the right junk in all the right plce" , Hogwarts house is Slytherin, i am popular to the kids that aren't the mean girls olr there brainless followers and i am extremely outgoing. so can you rate me i gjuess? anyways HUFFEPRIDE I rate you...eight (doln't judge)
796 days ago
O my gosh it says your pretty you are quite popular at school and some (many) boys likes you...... No joke guys😑
824 days ago
You're average when it comes to attractiveness. You're not ugly, but you're not beautiful either. You're in the middle, slightly towards the pretty side. A few boys have had crushes on you here and there.
959 days ago
Zoe , same :D BUt I dont have acne
1125 days ago
You're insanely pretty and beautiful. You're the most popular girl at school, and you're constantly being told to model. No one has ever seen such a beautiful girl like you. Lucky you!: D
I look like a darker version of Kristina pimenova (not rasism) but alit of girls r way prettier and I dont think i have been told to be a model.
1214 days ago
ps i have clear skin and washes hair daily
1214 days ago
said im pretty. i have blonde hair straight with slight waves down to my elbows, i want to grow it out more, i have eyes that are a mix of blue green and grey so i dont know what color they are exactly, cares about clothes a little, wears little makeup at all. pls rate me
1287 days ago
it said im pretty. i dont wear makeup, only 5 guys used to like me, i dont care about clothes, im overweight, i have acne, my hair is meh. pretty reasonable.
1381 days ago
How did I get that I’m pretty. I’m literally as lazy as heck
1381 days ago
You're so pretty! People compliment you all the time. You're very popular and there is an insane amount of boys that have crushes on you. Not many people have such good looks like you!:)
- I got it...