Am I Attractive? (Middle School Boys)

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I’m a middle school girl, so trust me, I know.

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    What color hair do you have?

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108 days ago
Such a lie like I gotta be the dummest and most ugly person in all my friend groups, I honestly think that Quasimodo would get a girl faster then me. It’s rather I’m ugly or girls hate me
131 days ago
I'm kinda depressed because of my look, i mean I'm a nobody... But some girl really care about me and yeah, i always wanna die
134 days ago
and I’m pretty ugly lol 😅
134 days ago
Am I Attractive? (Middle School Boys)

Wow! You broke the scale! You are the guy whom all the girls have crushes on. You are a hottie. You are blessed with great looks and a great personality. You get girls, and you’re nice and smart! Keep it up, and don’t get cocky about it! 💕😊

That’s what I got….but I’m
Pretty sure no boy likes me (I’m a girl)
249 days ago
Lmao, I broke the scale, yet everyone thinks i'm ugly af
388 days ago
It says I'm a cutie but the truth is not a single girl likes me
503 days ago
apparently I broke the scale lmao
663 days ago
811 days ago
I took this quiz for my boyfriend and he got what Gage got lmao
840 days ago
It says that I'm an absolute cutie and that girls love being around me and that 5-7 have a crush on me it really boosted my self esteem as I recently been thinking I'm too unattractive to be considered a human
860 days ago
It says I broke the scale and that everyone has a crush on me. And to be honest that is actually very accurate because I’m living life at it’s best.😎
1275 days ago
It said I broke the scale! Yay!💖
1398 days ago
10/10 would tie noose around neck again