Are you hot, cute, pretty or sexy?

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Alright so basically I made this test with no "ugly" in it because I believe that no one is ugly, everyone is beautiful in their own way even If you don't have the best looks on the outside you have a pretty personality:)

  • 1
    What Colour Hair do you have?
    (Okay so I didn't put this on the start of the quiz but all of this is for fun and in my opinion, it doesn’'t matter what colour hair you have)
  • 2
    What Colour eyes do you have?
    (Eyes, in my opinion is the prettiest facial feature:))
  • 3
    How long is your hair?
    This question is just in my opinion, like most of them.:)

  • 4
    What is your figure like?
  • 5
    How many people have asked you out?
  • 6
    Have you ever been complimented?

  • 7
    What shape are your lips?
  • 8
    Do your family or friends tell you your beautiful or pretty?
  • 9
    What's your personality like?
    Pick the closest one
  • 10
    Do you think your pretty?
    This is an important one:)
    And the last one!:))

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156 days ago
nothing much I want to talk about- just here for support for ya'll! :D
229 days ago
Im pretty. I remember in 3rd grade a boy called me ugly when we were being shipped at school for some reason. And i remember another boy (my parents' friends' son, not in my school or grade cuz he was older) called me FATTY, BUT I WAS ONE OF THE SKINNIEST *clap* PEOPLE *clap* IN *clap* THE *clap* FURICKING *clap* GRADE!! Thanks to them and other people i wont mention, ive been insecure about my body since the age of 7.

AND NOW, 5 YEARS LATER, IN 8TH GRADE WITH A BUNCH OF 12 YEAR OLDS (including me), there's this bi- i mean...girl in my class who likes slapping other girls' butts in our grade, including mine. I told my mum, BUT FOR SOME REASON, I APPARENTLY WASNT. SUPPOSED. TO! LIKE, WT- Anyways now the girl who smacks our peaches thinks i should 'grow up' for telling my mom that what 'The Smacker' did was uncomfortable and unenjoyable for me and didnt feel like it was just a 'joke' or 'prank'. THAT BI- i mean.......THE NERVE THAT GIRL HAS!

And to all the ppl who spent time reading this, 'The Smacker' first attacked (slapped my peaches) when i was 12. And all this time I thought she was straight.......
248 days ago
sez im hot but i have a bit of acne my eyes are kinda greyish and although my lips are close to heart shape but not quite. i have a rather nice figure tho and i have thick shiny brown hair that ends about 6 inches short of my posterior so im not a total loss
302 days ago
You are Sexy 🥵
You have amazing body features including face and lip shape, your personality is amazing which makes you such an amazing person to be around!
Remember that you are all beautiful in some kind of way
Have a good day:)
628 days ago
You are Hot! 🥵
You have perfect hair and facial features and your body shape is beautiful. The best part is that your personality is amazing making you a happy, lovable person to be around.
Remember that you are all pretty in some kind of way, whether you've got beautiful lips or eyes or even the small things like you always smile!
Keep up and be Happy!

cool im glad im not to "hot" if thats what you want to call me cuz i dont wanna b taken advantage of or i dont want people to think im to cool for them or that im intimidating or whatever. but remember that it doesn't matter about the outside it matters whats on the yall bye!
659 days ago
how am I sexy??????? IM nottttttt! I don't want to be referred like that! Yuck!
707 days ago
if there was an ugly option (which thx for not putting that option even tho i kno im ugly) test i would make the computer glitch cuz im that ugly :
715 days ago
im joking lmfaooooooooooooo still got sexy tho
715 days ago
i got sexyyyyyyyyy im sexyyyyyyy and super duper hotttt
790 days ago
You are Pretty 🥵
You have beautiful eyes and lips, you may not be prettier than some people but your personality is beautiful, that's why your such an amazing friend that always makes people happy.
Remember that you are all beautiful in some kind of way!
I think it is only half-verity. I am not pretty.
806 days ago
Wow i'm sexy! I have been called hot by a few and i'm only almost 16! But sexy........ I can see that coming with a few years, i guess. I mean, let me fully develop my facial features and body first.
899 days ago
Butt,sugar is the NORRIS said it had not sure yyygggff
900 days ago
Bruh I'm sexy no matter what y'all stupid test says smh
954 days ago
I don't really wanna boyfriend I just wanted to know If I am sexy and pretty
And I don't have a page anywhere it my mum phone
954 days ago
I am cute and pretty and I am only 12 years
And I am sexy
980 days ago
Sexy? Really? Well ig i couldn't care, Im only 16, AND HAVE NEVER BEEN ASKED OUT! Why is that such a deal in my head??!!
983 days ago
I am hot. Was only expecting pretty or so, but yay :)
992 days ago
It said I am sexy and I am only 13
1023 days ago
It said I am sexy. Thx so much.
1057 days ago
I'm sexy well thx you're right