On a scale 1-10, how pretty are you?

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This quiz will tell you how pretty you are. Remember, if you get a score you aren't happy with, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • 1
    Are you popular(I don't think being popular makes you pretty, but most popular kids are pretty)?
  • 2
    What type of clothes do you wear(I'm just going by the people at my school. I don't have anything against people who don't care about what they wear)?
  • 3
    Do you think you're pretty?

  • 4
    Do you wear makeup?
  • 5
    What is your body shape?
  • 6
    How long is your hair?

  • 7
    What color is your hair?
  • 8
    What color is your eyes?
  • 9
    How big are your eyes(scale 1-10. 10 is the biggest)?
  • 10
    What clique are you in?

Comments (22)


25 days ago
8-9 idk.....................
52 days ago
I don't really think that this test is important. Honestly, beauty has more to do with your personality than anything else because think about all of the popular snotty girls at school. Sure, they may be pretty, but nobody truly likes being around them. Don't try to be anything you're not either. Whoever you attract is gonna be who you're stuck with in the end, so just be yourself!
356 days ago
I got an 8-9 which is good cause I would say I'm pretty (just above average) :P
381 days ago
I got 6-7 which is perfectly fine because I don't think I'm pretty which is perfectly fine.
404 days ago
I got 10 and I didnt expected it, I am mostly shy and prefer to not talk to people . when they compliment me i get shy or creped out.
533 days ago
omg....i got 8-9 but...my sister got 10.lol
548 days ago
I got 8-9! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
716 days ago
Well, I got 4-5, but that's okay! I think I look fine I guess 😅
743 days ago
It seems kind of dumb how the only options for body shape are basically small and hot or tall and fat!? Where is the in between? (Tall and slim be not curvy, Average height and size)
848 days ago
I got 1, i think i’m ugly but i got quite offended an it didn’t have my body type: skinny, tall (5’8)
1020 days ago
To anyone who is upset with their result.
Who cares if you're not incredibly beautiful.
A couple of strangers have complimented me but I think they should focus on personality. I know some pretty people who are awful
1024 days ago
I'll check out your quiz, Sofi.
1025 days ago
My quiz is called “how beautiful am I”(middle school)
1025 days ago
I got 10 but I thought I’d get a 8 or 9. Also, nice quiz, i made a similar one just a few days befor this one was made.
1025 days ago
This quiz is pretty accurate. For my standards of beauty. Just remember different people have different standards for beauty. So if this quiz said you were ugly, then just remember that's only a few people's opinion. I'm sure for EVERYONE, there's at least three people who think they are beautiful,
1031 days ago
Guys, 6-7 is above average. 5 is average.
1033 days ago
I got a 6-7, and I'm not really popular or ugly, though.
1034 days ago
Ok, but what does hair length have to do with this ?
1035 days ago
well i got 6-7...
But okay, I'm maybe not so ugly but definitely not popular...

You can actually not be in highschool, be bisexual and have a chronic illness, without being unpopular..😂😂

But I don't care, I have 3 friends that are the best people I ever met and they always help me and are never against me❤️
Ly guys

Just be who you are and let nobody get you down!

1036 days ago