Are you physically pretty? Quiz - 100% honest - Beautiful or Ugly?

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I have seen so many beauty tests that ask irrelevant questions such as how many boyfriends have you had (as if being a slut makes you pretty!) so I have decided to make my own test based purely on physical factors. Please remember that, as I cannot actually see you, the results will not always be accurate. And also, an ugly personality cannot be redeemed by even the prettiest face.

  • 1
    So firstly, what colour is your hair?
  • 2
    What type of hair do you have?
  • 3
    How long is your hair?

  • 4
    What colour eyes do you have?
  • 5
    Are your eyes:
  • 6
    What shape are your eyes?

  • 7
    How far apart are they?
  • 8
    How is your skin?
  • 9
    What is your body shape?
  • 10
    How clean are you?

  • 11
    What is your nose like?
  • 12
    What is your face shape?
  • 13
    What are your lips like?
  • 14
    What about your teeth?
  • 15
    And lastly, what colour are your lips (naturally)?

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4 days ago
Hey, I don’t know who needs to hear this but you are beautiful! People have different preferences/types so maybe to one person you are stunning but to another you are just average- it differs. The key to true beauty is from within. Love y’all and stay safe💗💗😌😌❤️❤️
18 days ago
Physically, you are in between average and pretty. You are so lucky! You don't stand out because of your looks but you can make yourself look really pretty when you want. God has blessed you!

I wish I was pretty but thanks anyways :’)
58 days ago
Between pretty and average and I agree, since I dont really taking care that much of my body i also dont diet cause I simply do not care about looks as much as my sister or my friends. But I know that I am pretty if I put some effort, naturally I have thick eyelash and brows though I'm southeast asian my skin is pretty fair and smooth, and my hair is straight and silky. I'm kinda chubby though I'm 5'4 but I'd say confidently that I'm proud to be average cause my pretty friend is dealing with harassment from men cause she's so pretty.
66 days ago
Y'all was surprised. Me and my friend took this quiz together. While I am concidered average, my friend is perceived as beautiful by our pears, it may be because of her style and confidence.I got stunningly pretty and she got average, but it's just physical features. Conclusion: confidence matters.
86 days ago
. Will someone please tell me?
Almond shaped brown eyes with green rimmed
Light fleckles dotting nose and cheeks
Pinkish red lips- teeth are very white, never had cavity before.
Defined jaw
Highiah cheekbones
199 days ago
Physically, you are stunning. You probably have a lot of people around you who only like the way you look and you cannot go about unnoticed. Poor you! It is true that beauty is a curse. Don't let an ugly personality spoil it all though. Maybe there is someone out there you does deserve someone who both looks and acts like an angel (that is, if you have not found him already). Good luck.

thats what i got but remember its not about what the quiz says ok guys? Don't change for anyone bye!
202 days ago
I think I will get that I’m ulgy
210 days ago
ava u sound stunning to me gurlll :)
210 days ago
Physically, you are pretty. You can make yourself look stunning when you want but don't waste this gift by having an ugly personality. Make the effort to be beautiful both inside and out!
241 days ago
@ Sophia - none of the results I made say you have an ugly personality.
261 days ago
It said I am beautiful physical but I said I have ugly personality
266 days ago
Ava, you sound pretty to me!
287 days ago
I took it and got stunning, but I don’t feel stunning. I don’t know if the quiz is true, so I’m writing my features so someone can tell me if this is true.
I have round shaped blue-grey eyes with fleck of green towards the middle and long dark eyelashes.
My skin has a couple minor blemishes, like I have a zit on my chin and on my cheek so yeah.
I have light brown hair that is wavy and goes down past my shoulders.
My body shape is rectangular.
My face shape is oval.
My full lips and they are naturally a reddish pink.
My teeth are pretty white, but one of them has a whiteish stain because I had a high fever when I was really little.
I just got my braces off, so my teeth are straight.
I’m hoping one of y’all can tell me if you think the test is accurate. If I’m not actually stunning, then it’s fine... I think I’m beautiful on the inside.
288 days ago
Ok, so I did the quiz and got pretty. I took it again, but changed my hair to blonde, my eye color to blue, and my body to hourglass and it said stunning. See the problem? Apparently, you can’t look stunning if your eyes aren’t blue, your hair isn’t blonde, and your 🚔 and butt aren’t big. This quiz is 100% inaccurate.
334 days ago
It tells me that I’m physically pretty 100% honestly.....but I believe that I’m more prettier inside than outside😊.
355 days ago
Actually, I am above average. I realise that now.
387 days ago
Thank you sooooo much for being honest Zoe Mae! OK, that hurt a little but I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. However, I know I look better than and as good as the majority of girls my age so.... I guess that makes me average. I would love anyone else's opinion!
396 days ago
Im replying to Lola. I have a friend who fits almost the same looks so Im going to base you off of some of that. Im sorry if this is harsh in anyway, but from what Ive learnt is your around average and if not below. I do know what Im talking about, Im definetely not going to pick out each and every flaw, just telling you your a 4-5 on a scale of 10. But you said you didn't care about your looks, so this shouldnt hurt in any way.
420 days ago
Thanks for not including partners as a beauty factor, and thanks overall for the quiz. I needed that confidence boost.
420 days ago
I got somewhere in between average and pretty which I think I agree with........ but my views on my appearance change every time i look in the mirror so can anyone who reads this please tell me their opinion on my looks from my description of them?
I am 15 years old and am 4ft 11" and have:
. rich brown hair that is curly and almost halfway down my back
.medium sized brown with bits of green (hazel) eyes that are almond shaped with dark, thick eyelashes and naturally shapely eyebrows
.a slightly fleshy nose
.medium lips that are kinda shapely and a redish pink
.a round face, cute ears and an elegant neck
.50% acne and blackheads and 50% good skin
.an hourglass figure
.features and body that all look in proportion to each other
.teeth that are a little yellow but naturally straight
. a fit body
Thank you if you take the time to reply in any way.
Ps- i am not shallow etc, i just want to know if i am good looking so i can accept it and get on with life!
And please do not think that all i care about is how i look- i just want to know so i can accept it and get on with life! Thank you if you take the trouble to reply in any way!