How pretty is your face according to science?

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So, how close to perfect is your face according to science? Take this test to find out! Just so you know, no one has ever had the perfect face according to science. And ultimately, this test will not really tell you how pretty you actually are so do not take the answer seriously! It will just tell you how scientifically perfect your face is.

  • 1
    Okay, so look in the mirror with a ruler next to your face. Is the space between your forehead and spot between the eye and eyebrow, from the eyes to the bottom of the nose and from the bottom of the nose to the chin the same?
  • 2
    Get a calculator. Divide the length of your face by its width. Is the answer 1.6?
  • 3
    Are the length of your nose and ear the same?

  • 4
    Is there the space of one eye between your eyes?
  • 5
    Are your lips even?
  • 6
    Are the widths of your cheeks the same as your nose's length?

  • 7
    Is your face symmetrical?
  • 8
    Do your eyebrow and eye ( the corner closest to the nose) start at the same point?
  • 9
    Is the space between your lower eyelid and upper eyelid the same as the space between your upper eyelid and eyebrow?
  • 10
    Is the length of your face the same length of three of your nose?

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133 days ago
Rosa, your beautiful just the way you are, but if you wanna be prettier just learn to love yourself :)
491 days ago
My forehead is to long, my unnatural smile looks super ugly, my teeth is crooked. How can I be pretty?
866 days ago
Its fine lily! and you probably won't see this but i decided to stop using the website too and just checked if you replied and yes i know you wont see this and i guess ill check your other quizes :)
871 days ago
I am so sorry Lola! I decided to stop using this website a while back and so that is why I have not been answering. I haven't seen the comments you posted either. And yes, I do have more tests: two beauty ones and a feminine hygiene one. Just scroll up and you will see a caption saying "more from Lily Allen". Click on it and it will show you my other tests. I cannot remember the name of my workout or who it is by as I have known it by heart since the second time I did it and so have not had to look it up again. It involves 4 different exercises that I cannot remember the name of apart from the Donkey Kick, takes me about 40 minutes to do and I do it every day before I start getting ready for bed. Please do not be offended if you post another comment and I do not answer because this is probably the last time I use this website - I just wanted to check and see if you had posted anything for me to answer for the last time.
874 days ago
if so then...sorry bye
874 days ago
hey, lily?
sorry if im interrupting...
877 days ago
Hey, do you have any other tests?
880 days ago
if you cant.. i just wanted to know what exercise routine your using.
i use Anna Mcnulty's intermediate back stretching routine for flexibility and get fit fast routine both, i am using her tutorials because i've been taking tests on this website for which sport should i do and i got contortion, not a sport but i guess ill become a contortionist?
880 days ago
can you see them? i cant?
880 days ago
hey, just wondering earlier i typed alot of comments and im wondering if they all disappeared?
898 days ago
Not that it really matters - you are beautiful no matter what.
898 days ago
Just so you know, is your waist is 9 inches smaller than your bust and hips and your bust and hips are roughly the same, your figure is hourglass. My figure is 33-24-33 (bust-wise, that sounds small but my underbust is only 27 inches so my chest isn't nearly as tiny as Emma Watsons who must be an A cup.) so I am just about hourglass. Being only 15, I have probably not finished developing yet and so will be more hourglass when I am older. The new exercise routine I have is supposedly supposed to make your waist smaller too (I found that out after I started it). So, you may actually be hourglass!
899 days ago
Also I just realized I had more of a rectangular figure then a hourglass
905 days ago
Daisy is actually a lovely name! I guess that “daisy, daisy” song could be annoying but I love that name!
906 days ago
That's quite a pretty name! All my life I have been bombarded with that stupid "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do..." song. I guess I have learnt to love my name though as daisies symbolise motherhood and purity.
907 days ago
(i prefer not to say my full name but my last name is a flower too)
907 days ago
my name is: Camellia
907 days ago
yea, kinda weird,, by the way im not using my real name too. i just thought it would be a better idea not to use my real name..... but its such a huge coincidence that my name actually is a flower
907 days ago
And yes, I have heard of the real Lily Allen. I am not sure if I have heard any of her music though.
907 days ago
Well, my real name is Daisy ( I don't want to give my last name) it's just that I didn't want to use my real name and so used the first that came to my head. Oh, and when I say hazel eyes I mean the eye colour hazel, not the normal colour. So my eyes are rich brown with a hint of green. It's funny, you sound like you could be my younger, lighter featured sister! Oh, and my birthday is around the same time as yours. Kinda weird.