Are you destined to be the next Ms. USA??

Do you think your future holds a televised pageant in which you strut around in fancy clothing and promise to try and achieve world peace?? If so, you should take this quiz to see just how right you are!!

Question 1:Your bathroom makeup mirror is... prefer to go natural.
Full & perfectly categorized with only the most expensive brands.
Full, but only with the cheapest makeup.

Question 2:Now to the closet...clothes brands are major in the beauty world, so what's hangin' in your sanctuary of style?
Armani, Banana Republic, & Gucci
Calvin Klein, Old Navy, & Tommy Girl

Question 3:What's your usual 'shopping at the grocery store' outfit?
Cute pair of shorts & your new tank top
A long, elegant skirt & a tube top
Your old baseball team shirt & a pair or stained jeans with lotsa' rips & holes

Question 4:What can you most likely be found doing?
Driving to meet your best bud, (some well known supermodel) in your brand new BMW.
Taking a nice stroll through the mall with a group of close friends.
Helping mankind & saving nature...SIKE!!! More like watching some tv with a bowl of fattening potato chips.

Question 5:Your ideal steady is...
Rich, gorgeous Hollywood Native
Boy-next-door you've been best friends with since you were 5
A cutie from your bio class

Question 6:What's your favorite television show?
Any pageant/award show that you can find

Question 7:What's your dream job?
Office Assistant
McDonald's cashier

Question 8:Have you ever done any type of drug before?
Thought about it, but never gone through with it.
A couple of times
Plenty of times, prom queens are always druggies!

Question 9:Dream Car...?
Volkswagen Beetle

Question 10:Where do you live at?
Suburban town with a population of 1000.
Pretty well-known town.
One of THE most popular cities ever (ex. Los Angeles, New York, etc.)

This Quiz has been designed by Kandy Kane.