What Kind of Prom Dress Should I Wear? Quiz

What style and color of prom dress would look best on you? Sleek in satin, frou-frou and frankly fake-looking? Barely there, or all about color? Just not sure? With practically endless choices, it's worth taking the time to choose the perfect one! Take this quiz to find out your most Insta-worthy prom look!

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    What color hair do you have?
    What color hair do you have?

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1823 days ago
i wanted a purple dress, instead, they said: Red dress for you! You're mature, beautiful, deep, and truly cool. You're just like me! This dress will suit you wonderfully, guaranteed that you'll look awesome! Congratulations! Hope you have fun at the prom!
1827 days ago
I got emerald. green does NOT look good on me, trust me. sure, i already look like trash, but i look like literal PUKE in green
1833 days ago
I got a "Red dress". I would never wear a red dress or gown to...Well, anything! .-.
1839 days ago
Eww I got a “funky dress” gross what happen to my pearl pink mini dress?! Ugh!🙄
1841 days ago
I have emerald green dress
1851 days ago
I got a hot pink dress which is totally me 'cause I am so feminine and want to grab everyone's attentionyay
1855 days ago
I got the red dress😄🌹🌺
1858 days ago
Yes! Got red
1863 days ago
i was going for emerald but got red it doen`t look good on me
1877 days ago
Same titi10 I really don’t like green but black is my fav
1880 days ago
Emerald ball gown for you! You're 😍y, fun, friendly, beautiful, and talented! This dress will look amazing on you! Have fun at prom, you're going to rock the prom!
Um, i don't think green is my color, I was going for blue
1880 days ago
oh I'm sorry but I DISLIKE when people ask what my favorite sport is... you should ask my favorite activity sports aren't everything and not everyones likes or are good at sports
1889 days ago
I don't like clicking next question. NEXT QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1903 days ago
red dress because I am beautiful, deep and truly cool. (At least that is what the writer says)
1906 days ago
green dress because I'm 🐤y, fun and cool!
1918 days ago
red dress cause im cool
1926 days ago
I got emrald Ball gown... at lease it wasnt a skirt
1930 days ago
I got the red dress. Not really for me...........
1944 days ago
I got the red dress even though I love purple... °__°
1959 days ago
I got the red dress. I’m happy I really like the color red but purple is my favorite.😊💗