What Kind of Prom Dress Should I Wear? Quiz

What style and color of prom dress would look best on you? Sleek in satin, frou-frou and frankly fake-looking? Barely there, or all about color? Just not sure? With practically endless choices, it's worth taking the time to choose the perfect one! Take this quiz to find out your most Insta-worthy prom look!

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    What color hair do you have?
    What color hair do you have?

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1957 days ago
I hated my dress it was ugly and red
1979 days ago
I got an emerald ball gown, emerald is my fave colour so I was super excited when I saw my result. I hope everyone else was happy with there results too
2070 days ago
Hmm...I've never considered a red dress.
2082 days ago
I got a red dress, i hope it really looks good
on me👍
2149 days ago
I want a black short dress
2207 days ago
I got a red dress, it should be long (floor-length) and have no straps. It sounds exactly like the one I'm dreaming of for the graduation dance, and the boy I'm going with will have a red corsage for me. Same for him, we're color coordinating, he'll have a yellow handkerchief in his pocket, and I'll have a red dress. Our favorite color. And we made this joke where whenever we each wear our favorite colors, at some point in the day we could make orange. AKA we kissed in the boy's changeroom. :)