What type of hat are YOU?

Hats. If you're anything like me, I'm sure you've often wondered what type of hat best suits your personality. Well, now is your chance to find out for once and for all! Don't waste another second!

Question 1:Which of these situations would you most enjoy?
A formal occasion where I could get seriously dresses up.
Something predictable and safe, but enjoyable too.
Chilling on the beach, or just hanging out.
A night on the town.
Doesn't matter, as long as it's fun!

Question 2:Which is your preferred drink?
Bucky, man!
Tea, cocoa, or hot chocolate.
A stimulant preferably!
As long as it tastes good, I'll drink it!
Champagne or white wine

Question 3:Which of these types of people would most likely attract you?
Someone sweet and fun with a good sense of humour.
Someone who makes me feel safe, secure and loved.
Someone a bit crazy, or weird, dedicated to having a good time!
Well it helps if they're loaded...
Someone popular with good fashion sense.

Question 4:Which of these items of clothing would you most likely be seen in?
Whatever's the latest fashion!
Cool jeans and a funky top.
Black. Or something wacky and stripy.
A dress (suit for guys)
It has to be warm and comfortable.

Question 5:How would your closest friends describe you?
Glamorous, high-maintenance, confident.
Loyal, sensible, nice.
Fun, goofy, unique.
Good sense of style, mature, confident.
Fun, funny, cute.

Question 6:Which accessory do you prefer?
Hoop earrings
expensive necklace (possibly family heirloom)
Dangly earrings
Stud belt/ something unusual and eye-catching.
Stud earrings

Question 7:What will your wedding be like?
The works, Amazing fireworks, fancy cake, wedding dress to die for, guest list of the century...... and all off Daddy's credit card.
Not too extreme, but really nice.
I don't know..... but I do know the party will be rocking!
Doesn't matter, as long as we love each other.
Gorgeous, the latest in glam parties.

Question 8:Which colour is most like your personality/suits you best?
Bright colours, but not too gaudy.
Rainbow coloured/multicolured clothes!
Pastel colours.
It has to be bright enough to damage your eyes, or black.
A mixture, as long as I'm coordinated.

Question 9:Which of these jobs would you most enjoy?
Something fun, probably with a social element.
Something glamorous and high-paying.
Something enjoyable with career opportunities.
Do I have to think that far ahead? Oh, ok, fashion consultant. Or supermodel, if I could.
Groupie. Or rock star. Or something not involving much brain power. It can't be boring!

Question 10:Finally! Ok, where would you be found at 11pm on an ideal Friday night?
Sleeping. At home. In my bed. Alone.
Dancing in a club.
At a party, the talk of the room.
Having fun with my friends!
Getting stoned, or drunk, or doing something totally wild!!

This Quiz has been designed by Lin.