What kind of underwear are you?
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What kind of underwear are you?

There are plenty of quizzes where you can find out what kind of animal, fruit, drink, color, number and other things like that are. Why not something you deal with everyday? It may seem odd but you can just take it and see how it goes.

Question 1:On the weekends you would rather...
Go partying
Hang out with a big group of buddies
Sit at home alone watching whatever is on T.V.

Question 2:The colors you like are...
Bright warm colors like yellow and orange
Dark colors like black, gray, blue
Colors like green, light blue, pink, purple, etc.

Question 3:Your favorite outfit is...
That cute tank top you got on sale with the pocketless hip huggers
The blue t-shirt with the regular pair of jeans
Your black long sleeved shirt with the black skirt and fishnet stockings

Question 4:The kind of car you prefer is...
Anything cute and new. Something like the beetle.
Anything you can get. Whether it's a beaten up geo or a '95 dodge neon.
Whatever looks decent to you. Like the honda accord or ford expedition

Question 5:What kind of thing do you do in your spare time...
Sit on the couch and do whatever you can find to do
Play sports and watch sports or go hang out with friends
Go partying

Question 6:The kind of underwear you prefer to wear is...
Bikini Style...cute and comfy
The Thong...sweet and sexy
Anything that fits

Question 7:When walking down the hall and you bumb into somebody you kind of know you...
Smile and say excuse me
Keep on walking
Giggle and strike up a quick conversation

Question 8:Your locker is...
a mess. I can't ever seem to find my history book without it taking at least 5 minutes.
Nice and organized.
Decorated with pictures of your hunny &/or buddies with cute stuff you've collected or been given

Question 9:You like to drink...
Soda pop
Juices and water
Anything you can get your hands on

Question 10:Your shirts...
Cover the chest completely. Showing any bit of cleavage isn't going to happen.
are basically all low cut V-necks that outline your body
are just regular shirts that aren't anything fancy or too popular

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