Which of Lestat's Clothing Are You Most Like?
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Which of Lestat's Clothing Are You Most Like?

So you love Lestat ... but which piece of clothing would you most likely be, of his?

Question 1:How would you describe your personality?
Fun Loving

Question 2:What part of Lestat do you like the most?
All of him!

Question 3:You see a record by Lestat in your High Street. The price is absolutely unacceptable. You cannot afford it, however, you know it will go within the next day or so. So rare is it. What do you do?
Save up for it, but if it goes, it goes *sigh*
Ask the shop if they will keep it for you, for the next week or so
Beg a friend/mum/dad to lend you the money for it
Take on an extra shift at work and relentlessly continue until the cash is there
Try and steal it. Well anything is worth a go!

Question 4:If Lestat wanted to ask you out on a date, what would be your reply?
Ask for time to think about it
You aren't too certain, but you agree anyway
Only if you get to choose the date!
Only if you can bring your whips and chains
You bet!

Question 5:How do you dance?
Slinky, sexy little moves
With a pole, and a sleek bikini
A nice easy foot shuffle
Like the King of the Club!
Gyrating here and there

Question 6:If you were a vampire, what would your hunting style be like?
Wild and unrestrained tearing of the flesh
Wild sexual abandon, kissing the entirety of the victim's body
Classic vampire embrace and kiss (as shown on TV)
Memerising, and a quick and merciful death
Slow and in control

Question 7:What do you think is the most erotic?
A vampire kiss on your tummy
A vampire kiss on your neck
A vampire kiss on your wrist
A vampire kiss on your inner thigh
A vampire kiss on your breast

Question 8:Favourite colour?

Question 9:Do you like to flirt?
I have a boyfriend / I am married
Not very often
Yes! All the time!
Occasionally, when I'm in the mood

Question 10:Finally, choose which VC expression is your favourite from the options below.
"Louis, Louis ... still whining, Louis?"
"Come out, Come out ... Wherever you are"
"One Happy Family"
"I want some more!"
"I'm going to give you the choice I never had!"

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