Where should you Shop for Clothes
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Where should you Shop for Clothes

What is your style?

Question 1:Do you prefer flares or bootcut?
I prefer bootcuts
I prefer flares
Flares? Bootcuts? I just wear pants

Question 2:Do your like sweaters, tees, or long sleves?
I love sweaters
I like tees
I like long sleves
It depends on the weather

Question 3:Do your prefer logos on your clothes?
Yeah, Its all about the logos to show my expensive taste
No, I am buying clothes not the brand
Umm, what is a logo
I just like clothes so I guess it depends

Question 4:Do you prefer leather belts or cloth?
I love the leather ones
I like the flexibility of the cloth ones
I don’t wear a belt
I need to buy a belt

Question 5:What socks would you wear with black pants and black shoes and a dark red shirt?
white , I always wear white
BLACK definitely
purple to match the shirt
I don’t wear socks

Question 6:What kind of jewelry do you like?
Its all about the crosses
I love the gocky rings
I love to wear a watch
Earrings are my favorites
I don’t own any jewelry, should I?

Question 7:Do you like thin or thick material for tee-shirts?
Thin I get hot easily
Thick there is no need to see through it
I don’t care what material it is as long as its tight

Question 8:What perfume suits you best?
Flowers and Earthy smells
Clinique and Candies
I use deodorant isn't that enough

Question 9:Do you like dirty, dark, or light pants?
I like the dirty washed style
I like the dark ones i guess
I like all kinds of pants as long as my butt looks good in them

Question 10:What shoes would you wear?
Only Tommy's Sneakers for me
Dressy black ones with a shiny latch
Sandals all year round
I don’t like shoes very much so slippers for me

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