What nail color represents YOU!
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What nail color represents YOU!

Most of us girls just apply the color of nail polish that goes with our daily outfit...but have you ever stopped to think..what is the BEST color for me? My personality color? The color that says ME! Then you'll love this quiz, so enjoy!

Question 1:   You are shopping with your closest friends when you spot the most adorable clothes in your favorite store. But YIKES! You only have enough for one! Which would you choose?
That adorable skirt that said ME when I tried it on in the dressing room.
I think I'll pass and go home early....shopping just isn't for me..
A nice sweater would be nice. I need one to keep me warm.
Those classy yet very stylish pair of pants that I saw celebs wearing in Vogue.
The cute top with the sequins!

Question 2:   Time for new shoes! What do you spend your credit cards on?
I kinda like the look of my old ones...plus I have other things to do..
Nice white tennis shoes are cute and comfy.
Anything high-heeled to show everyone that I'm the boss!
Anything sparkly and flowery!

Question 3:   Your typical guy is:
Somebody older...and gorgeous!
The guy next door
Your cute classmate!
Anyone that is nice to me!

Question 4:   Your #1 makeup must-have is:
anything BRIGHT
don't wear any

Question 5:   Your dream job is:
Doctor or Veterinarian
I'm too young to think about jobs..
Dunno if I want a job
Editor in a fashion magazine

Question 6:   Your idol is:
Avril Lavigne
My mom
Anyone famous
Paris and Nicky Hilton
Britney Spears

Question 7:   Pick a word that best describes you:

Question 8:   Your favorite animal:
All baby animals are so cute!

Question 9:   Favorite thing to do with friends:
Just hang out
Play with dolls

Question 10:   If you were a nail you would be:
I wouldn't be one.
The most gorgeous freakin nail in the universe!
A NAIL! OMG that would be awesome! I wanna be a nail! YAYAYAAYAYAY!
Um...excuse me, a nail!

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