How Much Do You Know About Makeup?

Makeup looks change constantly. Do you follow the trends slavishly? Or have you found what works for you and stick to that (like Meghan Markle, for example)? Do you know how to wield those kohl pencils, and to create the perfect smoky eye, Cupid Bow lip, and contour yourself into the Insta Hall of Fame? (Bonus points if you don't need a mirror!) Take this test and find out if you know makeup - or are more of a no-makeup kind of person!

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    What's the first product you should use on your face when applying makeup?
    What's the first product you should use on your face when applying makeup?

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721 days ago
i got 7/10 and not allow to wear that much make up
873 days ago
And also I agree that the school should not have banned makeup- it’s so unfair!
873 days ago
I’m ten and I got 100%. who here wears makeup but only natural and on weekends?
942 days ago
Please do my quiz
942 days ago
942 days ago
I don’t even wear makeup (I really want to though) and I still got 9/10
942 days ago
So how well do you know makeup? You answered nine to all 10 questions correctly. This is the top score, so congrats! You are on your way to being a professional makeup artist! You have all the important basics down, and the rest is just icing on the cake...good work!
1083 days ago
I have learned more info about makeup
1151 days ago
hey guys i’m confused: my school is making unfair makeup rules and banning it. forcing kids to wipe off there makeup with a towel in front of everyone, everyone thinks this is ok i disaagree.

here is my opinion:
I personally wear make up. i love myself without it but wearing it is expression and gives me more confidence.

recently my school banned makeup and i am angry, please share your opinion on this. no one seems to understand how these rules are hurtful

god doesn’t care what i look like so why should you?

teachers need to calm down. banning makeup is controlling and a violation of rights and dignity of students. what does banning make up actually accomplish!!? it’s distracting? well get used to it in the real world guess what? people wear makeup. it’s inevitable so learn to face it now. you are making kids vulnerable by blocking out what is coming in the real world. they need to learn how to just not get bothered or distracted. teachers should not even get distracted. that is disgusting and disrespectful. we should be forced to change our appearances cause our own teachers are distracted. that is sooooo stupid and controlling. We have the RIGHT to choose how we want to present outselves to others. and by taking away that right you are taking away security, dignity, confidence, and freedom. you are making students uncomfortable and stripping them of there dignity without even giving them a choice. this is a SCHOOL the last time i checked, not a DICTATORSHIP!!!!! i find these rules to be appalling, disturbing, and violating. it is NOBODYS right to tell you how you should look. NEVER LET ANYONE MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE AND PUT YOU IN A VULNERABLE POSITION! !!!!

sorry i needed to vent and if you feel the same way know your not alone
1496 days ago
love this I got nine out ten right and I leant a lot using this test
1552 days ago
I an 13 and I am allowed to wear makeup. I just started in February! I got 10/10 :) (Also Merry Christmas)
1693 days ago
I’m 13 and I’m not allowed to wear makeup but I luv it and think it’s fun as well as art and I got all 10/10 questions right YAY 💄💋
1902 days ago
Covers dark spots and blemishes
1946 days ago
i'm 12 and i got %100
2122 days ago
Concealer works well as to covers dark spots and blemishes
2122 days ago
When applying foundation we should apply everywhere on face so that foundation spreads
2122 days ago
Before makeup we always have to use Primer so your makeup last longer. And the face does not sweat.
2413 days ago
It's also called the T-Zone not the
2509 days ago
so much info on this is false. Primer is to make your makeup stick better and last longer, powder is to make your face matte, and toner is to balance pH levels.