What's My True Eye Color? 👁️ Test

We know, we know...you already HAVE an eye color. But if it weren't for your genetics, you'd probably pick your own eye color, right? So, what'll it be? What color do you feel your eyes should be? Take the 'What color are my eyes?' quiz and find out now! P.S.: It is possible to get the color you already have.

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    First of all, what eye color were you born with?

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35 days ago
I got brown eyes... I wish I had blue or green or any other colour just not brown...
297 days ago
I got 50/50 blue and green. My real eyes change colour depending on my mood, clothes, the weather and how tired I am.
298 days ago
My current eyes are amber now i got purple eyessss
319 days ago
is this going to be 🌻 true or like the other quizes
322 days ago
I got purple eyes but my eyes are not purple they change colur depending on my mood... Freaky right i ges my freinds were right i am a freak
322 days ago
By the way, I don't know if anyone goes back and reads this (as in the creator) but don't listen to negative comments if you find any. Some times people are going to get mad about results they got, even tho you took time out of your life to make a fun Quiz for people, so just ignore those people who purposefully try to make life hard.
322 days ago
Hahah! I love it! Sadly I got 0% for hazel, and I got hazel eyes. But hey! The test is write in a way! Because my eyes appear more of a foggy brownish green, they don't really blend together at any point. I got brown eyes on the test, so it works! Thank so much for creating this test!
324 days ago
I also got blue, my true eye color is grey
356 days ago
I got blue 💙😃 and my real eye color is dark brown ✨
358 days ago
Ayyy I have blue-green-grey eyes (kinda changes time to time -_-) and it guessed blue :]
424 days ago
So... I got brown eyes, but I actually have gray eyes. It described my personality accurately though¯\_(ツ)_/¯
439 days ago
How in the world do I have purple eyes? (It’s definitely possible, but it’s rare)
455 days ago
It says my eyes are purple. They’re actually a black-ish color, but this quiz was fun, and I still liked my result! Even if it wasn’t what my eyes actually are, it’s probably my personality!
498 days ago
It said %30 brown and hazel. The correct answer is brown which means you are correct
503 days ago
It said my test was “ unclear “ 30% brown, blue and purple 🤣 negative, they’re bright green or blueish gray
508 days ago
My eyes are green and I got hazel ;-;
533 days ago
I got purple as my true eye colour but my actual eye colour is grey
653 days ago
I got green and I love green (also my crushes eye are green) and my eyes are changing to amber and idek how 😅 but yeah
664 days ago
Ok very result it says Isn’t it great to be you? Well, it isn’t great to be me. So yeah.
707 days ago
It says my true eye color is hazel. My real eye color is hazel/color changing sooo. Also, love the quiz! The quizzes never show songs like 'American 😘'. If you haven't listened to that song, then listen to it.