What Is Your REAL Eye Color?👀

Have you ever wondered what your true eye color is? Not the one you see in the mirror, no! The color that represents who you really are inside.
Are you curious if your eyes might hold a surprise or a hidden hue that you've never realized? Well, look no further!
In the realm of eye colors, the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you possess the captivating allure of piercing blue eyes, or the timeless elegance of deep black eyes. Maybe your eyes shimmer with the enchanting blend of hazel, showcasing an intricate tapestry of colors. Are you blessed with the warm richness of brown eyes, or do you possess the unique charm of multicolored or violet eyes?
This quiz will help you find out what your true eye color is! Let's get started!

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    First of all, what is your natural eye color?
    First of all, what is your natural eye color?

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2154 days ago
Oke I have grey eyes but I have gotton green/blue eyes..........
2158 days ago
Ied like to send in a picture of my eye to see if I can be told what color my eye are?.
2166 days ago
Okay, my eyes are grey but I got green. What is this?!?!
2172 days ago
Mine are not sure either... my eyes seem brown.. but if i take a close look or go under a red bulb.. it appears to be green.. but if the sunlight falls on my eyes.. its pure yellowish light brown.. i don't know.. plzz do help.. i want to know
2175 days ago
Green should actually be in the "other" section. Only 2% of people have truly green eyes. Most people who say they have green eyes actually have hazel eyes.

Also, NOTHING IS TELLING ME WHAT MY EYE COLOR IS! It's a blue based multi-color.
2390 days ago
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What is your REAL eye color?

For 50 % you are: You are a green-eyed beauty like me! Super intelligent, smart, creative and shy!
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i am hazel eyed from far away green but up close there is a little brown
2663 days ago
This is the GREATEST QUIZ EVER!!!!!!!! Thanks for making it!!
2901 days ago
Very nice... came to know a lot about eye colors