What Eye Colour Represents You? (For Girls)

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I know that nobody reads these but I'm still going to type it. DON'T TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! It's just supposed to be a fun quiz to pass the time, I based this off my friends and my eye colours and personalities. Possible results are: Blue, green, brown/amber, hazel, and gray. Thanks for reading this XD

  • 1
    Which name do you like best?
  • 2
    Which name do you like best?
  • 3
    Which eye colour do you think is prettiest?

  • 4
    Do you fight/argue with people a lot?
  • 5
    Which animal do you like best?
  • 6
    What's your hair colour?

  • 7
    Which negative trait sounds most like you?
  • 8
    What's your spirit animal (or closest to it)?
  • 9
    What types of books do you like?
  • 10
    What positive trait sounds most like you?

  • 11
    What's a bad habit of yours that drives people crazy?
  • 12
    Bike colour?
  • 13
    Which gender are you attracted to?
  • 14
    Hair length?
  • 15
    Do you have freckles?
  • 16
    Favourite colour (or closest to it)?

  • 17
  • 18
    Opinion on LGBTQ+?
  • 19
    Opinion on rules?
  • 20
    Do you play any instruments?

  • 21
    Any allergies?
  • 22
    Okay, bye!

Comments (24)


267 days ago
You got: AMBER/BROWN EYES! You are likely full of surprises, dark, and caring, but also sarcastic and manipulative.
Sounds like me. 😄 But I have blue eyes. 🙂
332 days ago
You got: GRAY EYES! You are likely clumsy, helpful, and thoughtful, but also sometimes rude and controlling/difficult. This is based off of my friend, Brooke!

I'm sorry if this doesn't match your real eye colour.

I hope you had fun!
332 days ago
bri black eyes are COOL lol
seriously though
332 days ago
446 days ago
WOW it said I had gray Eyes and I do!!!
448 days ago
I made a ADD quiz please take it and give me feedback thanks also comment if you want a more personal guess thanks

449 days ago
Hazel. I’m not sure if that describes me though. It’s very close to my real eye color.
452 days ago
Are you here?
453 days ago
I got blue eyes which isn’t far off from my normal eye color
453 days ago
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so glad y'all are loving my quiz! It means a lot to me!
453 days ago
I got Hazel eyes and it matches my personality perfectly😊
My eyes are actually dark brown and almost look black.
453 days ago
You got: BLUE EYES! You are likely funny, smile a lot, and a clown (in a good way), but also easily annoyed and bossy. This is based off of my friend, Natalie!

I'm sorry if this doesn't match your real eye colour.

I hope you had fun!

Nice quiz!
Ps my eyes are green a useless fact
453 days ago
The hazel eyes were based off of my friend Audrey, who may or may not be 6 years old...

and thanks for the praise ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
453 days ago
I love it sooooo much ❤️
I got hazel eyes! And my eyes are greenish hazel :)
This was an awesome quiz! I barely even make mine takeable and yours is so well calculated! Kudos my friend, teach me your ways sometime haha
453 days ago
night i will message if i cant sleep
453 days ago
@AddyNick - That's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
453 days ago
You got: HAZEL EYES! You are likely sweet, adorable, and liked by almost everyone, but also get what you want most of the time and get upset super easily. This is based off of my friend, Audrey!

I'm sorry if this doesn't match your real eye colour.

I hope you had fun!
453 days ago
i think i need to go soon
453 days ago
k I fixed it:

454 days ago
Oops it copied your quiz here's my thingy sorry