Are you in high fashion?
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Are you in high fashion?

Do you wear the coolest fashions around, or are you in need of a new look? Take this quiz and find out now!!!

Question 1:How do feel about the way you look?
I feel great about my looks always!!!!
I couldn’t care less about myself.
I'm always bragging that I'm looking better than everyone else.
As long as I'm comfortable, I'm alright!
I don't really know or care.

Question 2:What kind of clothes do you like to wear in general?
Comfortable ones
Anything that attracts the ladies/men
Mix and Match/Creative and Colorful
Depends on my mood
Black/Anything dark

Question 3:What do you wear in the Summertime?
Jean shorts & a short sleeve shirt
Baggy pants & a loose shirt
(girls) cute dresses & skirts
(guys) Just a pair of shorts & no shirt
I swim a lot. Mostly it's a swim suit.

Question 4:What do you wear in the Winter?
A cute sweater & pants
Pants & A short sleeve with a jacket
Anything warm
As long as I get attention from the guys/girls . It's worth catching a cold over.

Question 5:How about the Spring!
(girls) a beautiful dress
Anything comfortable
Something revealing and hot
Shorts & a short sleeve shirt

Question 6:Autumn?
Pants & a shirt
A light sweater & light pants

Question 7:What shoes do you like to wear?
(girls) high heels
(guys) running shoes
Dressy/Classy shoes
Tennis shoes
I'm lazy. Slippers

Question 8:(girls) How do you like your hair styled?
I'm a guy, so I can't answer this question.
Styled up (ponytail, pigtails, braids, ect.)

Question 9:What message would be on your shirt?
I'm With Stupid/Stupid's With Me
Rock n' Roll
(girls) Angel/Princess - (guys) Punk/Bad Boy
Just Do It (nike)
God is Everything

Question 10:Do you think you're in style?
I don't know or care.
Maybe, I hope.

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