What goes best?

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Let's test your fashion sense! Do you really know just what to wear?

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    First question: what goes best? black leggings and a-
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    Question 2: What goes best? Jeans and a-
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    Question 3: What goes best? Green strapless dress and-

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    Question 4: What goes best? Light blue tank top and-
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    Question 5: What goes best? Navy Blue skirt and a-
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    Question 6: What goes best? Magenta lipstick and-

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    Question 7: What goes best? Orange summer dress and-
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    Question 8: What goes best? Pale blue blouse and-
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    Last question: Do you like DanTDM?

Comments (2)


906 days ago
I do have a fashion sense thank you very much. Who wears a green strapless dress and orange flip flops/sandals??

My questions are:
Who the heck is that DanTDM guy???
What the heck is kohl's???
1582 days ago
Cool! I do know my way around a beauty store. Unless it's summer because then I'm out sportin about in a tee and shorts. :)
Great quiz!!!