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Girls, do you know how to dress or just wear the sweater with the kitten on the front your grandmother knitted you? Take this quiz to find out ...

Question 1:You are invited to a huge party to celebrate the beginning of the summer holidays, how do you dress?
Your green checkered pants with a nice brown jumper over top.
Anything you feel comfortable in.
Your pyjamas.
Skirts, Jeans or Pants with a really groovy top like the one you saw in the latest fashion magazine.
I usually decide right before the party.

Question 2:You are getting ready for your first date - how do you dress?
You wear what you had been wearing all day - why should he care about the way you dress?
You wear casual clothes, you don't expect anything fancy.
You wear a short but not too short dress and high heels to impress him.
Wear whatever you can find.
Does it really matter how I dress?

Question 3:It is your Prom night, what do you wear?
The only dress you have - the one with flowers all over it that Aunt Susan gave to you for your birthday.
You don't wear dresses and never have so why should you start now?
I do not go to proms.
Dude, of course leather pants and a boob tube.
The most expensive, stunning, formal dress you can find.

Question 4:You turn up to the local shopping mall with all of your mates and find a top that you really like but your friends do not. Do you buy it?
Depends if it was going to come in fashion or not and how much it is.
Of course I do, who cares what they think?
Nope I don't.
I don't tell my friends what I like in case they don't like it.
I go with the flow.

Question 5:You turn up at school in your school uniform on a day where you don't have to wear school uniform - what do you do?
Leave it on.
Go home and do not come to school for a week.
Laugh at yourself and enjoy being different.
Tell your mum to drive you home as fast as she can so you can change.
Sob and go to sick bay saying you have a bad headache.

Question 6:Your parents won't let you have your belly button pierced but everyone is doing it. Do you do with the flow?
Yes, get it pierced - you can always take it out when you think your parents will be able to see it.
Convince your parents.
Nope, who would want a big bit of metal in your belly?
Nah they will come out soon.
Yes get it done then tell your parents after and enjoy watching their reactions.

Question 7:You had a phone call saying that a fashion magazine wants you for a photo shoot but you have to wear your own clothes - what do you wear?
Short skirt and a boob tube.
Shorts with jumper tied round waist and a plain t-shirt.
A dress that goes past your knees.
A off shoulder top and jeans.
Anything you feel comfortable in.

Question 8:You go to the beach for a week long holiday - what do you take?
One outfit and one piece bathers - that should do for the trip.
Your bathers, shorts, skirts, everything you own that is in the latest fashion mag and fits in your suitcase.
Bathers and your favourite clothes.
Your casual clothes - you are not going to see these people again anyway.

Question 9:What is your favourite clothes brand?

Question 10:What is your favourite season and why?
Summer because then you can wear clothes that show of your body.
Winter because then I can cover myself up.
Autumn so then I can wear all brown colours to blend in with the leaves.
Spring so I can wear nice bright colours.
What a stupid question - I wear whatever I want no matter what season it is.

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