Your Hair Personality
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Your Hair Personality

How you wear and treat your hair can say a lot about you. Find out your hidden personality based on the very public forum off the top of your head.

Question 1:What color is your hair at the moment?
Dyed, but a color that occurs in nature.
The color it's always been and will be.
Purple, green, blue, fuchsia...umm I'd have to look in a mirror.

Question 2:What is your bad hair day quick-fix?
A headband or pretty barrettes.
A ponytail or bun.
Tons of gel.

Question 3:What is your fantasy hairstyle?
Perfectly shaped ringlets.
Spikes that stay all day.
Sleek and voluminous bob.

Question 4:What is your daily hairstyle?
Down and behind the ears.
Ponytail with scrunchie.
Gelled back.

Question 5:What is your hair care routine?
Pampering with conditioner and air-dry.
Wash and wear.
A little conditioner and blow-dry.

Question 6:What is your Haircut routine?
A tiny trim a few times a year or less.
A chop every couple of weeks.
Trims and shaping every couple of months.

Question 7:What hair would you wear to prom?
A standard updo.
A new, funky color.
At least half-down with a beautiful accessory.

Question 8:What is your biggest hair problem?
Don't know what to do, just wear a ponytail.
Boredom or flat hair.
Hair color mishaps or too short to use accessories.

Question 9:What products do you use most?
Frizz-fighters and voluminizers.
Conditioners and detanglers.
Gels, pomades and waxes.

Question 10:What hair stuff do you keep with you at all times?
A brush, scrunchie, and pins.
A brush.

Question 11:Do you have any piercings, excluding ears?
Yes, facial or other visible ones.
Yes, not visible, more than navel or tongue.
No or navel or tongue only.

Question 12:Do you have tattoos?
Thought about it or not visible in swimsuit.
Yes, visible in at least a swimsuit.
No, never.

Question 13:What is your relationship status?
Steady relationship.
Casual dating.

Question 14:Do you ever get compliments or comments on your hair?
Only if I do something special to it.
People think it's either beautiful or outdated.
It's either very cool or way too wild.

Question 15:How would you describe your style?

Question 16:What hair story catches your fancy?
The Gift of the Magi.
Bernice Bobs her Hair.

Question 17:What is your favorite outfit?
Designer jeans and a tank top.
A band tee and funky pants.
A cute dress or skirt and top.

Question 18:Would you ever shave your head?
Absolutely not.
Only for a great sum of money.

Question 19:What is your favorite music?
Pop or classical.
Alternative or indie.
Classic rock or jazz.

Question 20:Do you ask other people for hair tips?
Yes, to find out how to do unusual or complicated styles.
Only to make their styles better
Yes, to find out what products they use.

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