Should I Shave My Head? Quiz

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    How much do you care about your hair?

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520 days ago
To flo you should shave it smooth bald I did it and it feels so good. You can get head tattoos.
545 days ago
Hey guys thanks for all your advice, I shaved my head the other day with my friends for a charity. I love my hair soo much now that it’s short and i’m gonna keep shaving it. i’m thinking i might even go shorter next time as i only went for a number 2. You guys were so helpful and boosted my confidence soo much. Thanks a lot. It was soo satisfying to remove all that weight from my head and showers feel soo good. For anyone wondering if they should shave their heads, just go for it, do it it’s gonna grow back it’s just hair and if you love it like I do then yay
581 days ago
Should I get a head tattoo
591 days ago

Why not do it for charity? You have a lot of hair, so you should be able to raise a good amount - and provided you haven't coloured it you could donate it to a charity like Little Princess or St Baldrick's who make it into wigs for girls who have cancer.

If you're doing it for a good cause, people will be less likely to be negative about it and will encourage you. (And it will provide extra motivation to you to do it). You may even be able to get friends to do it with you (especially if your hair is longer than theirs). You'll also be less likely to regret it if you've raised a good amount of money for a good cause.

Book a stylist to do it (some may even do it for free if it's for a good cause), hold a "headshave party" (possibly at work) and invite the local press. You could even livestream it!

Have fun!
593 days ago
Flo (or anybody here) —
Do it!! It sounds like you really want to shave! Don’t worry about what other people think, it’s your hair and you should have it however you want!
I finally shaved mine in the end because I realized that I wouldn’t be able to decide not to do it, and it sounds like you’re in a similar position.
So, if I were you (and I’m not, so this might not be the right thing) this is what I’d do:

- Go into the bathroom with some scissors and get some hair ties. Also get some clippers and whatever else you would want if you were to shave

- set everything up to shave so you can IF you decide to, but remind yourself that you don’t have to if you don’t want to

- Put your hair in a ponytail, and put another hair tie maybe 6 inches up from the bottom

- get the scissors and hold them around your hair above that lower hair tie and leave it there

- look in the mirror and think about what you want. Remember that you said that you “just want it gone” in your last comment here. Think about the fact that right now, you’d only be cutting off a few inches. Remember how much you’d been thinking about it. Just keep looking in the mirror and thinking about what you want to do. If you work up the courage, close the scissors. And if you don’t, that’s totally fine

- remind yourself that you still have very long hair even without that 6 inches

- if you want more off, do the same thing higher up or just go for it and chop off a lot/grab the clippers and buzz it

- repeat until you’re satisfied with the length!

and please keep in mind this is just the advice of a stranger,,, so you should disregard it if you want to

I hope this helps, and I hope you’re satisfied with your hair, whatever you decide to do!
601 days ago
I really want to shave my head but i’m soo scared about what people will think, i’ve been taking quizzes ect every day making myself try to do it sometimes i pick some scissors up and cut tiny bits of my hair off but can’t go through, my hair is down to my tailbone and i just want it gone what do i do
621 days ago
I just finished shaving my head and it looks perfect thank you app
621 days ago
I shaved my head to a buzz I loved it but I wanted to go completely bald and ot now suits me very well.
632 days ago
mattilda or anyone else thinking about it--
go for it!! i shaved my head like 9 months ago after thinking about it for a long time and I'm so glad I did! I loved being a buzz cut girl (I started growing it out a few months ago but it's still super short hehe). It's a really freeing experience and I think you should go for it! You'll look great :>
if you're still not sure, the reason that i finally did it was because I realized that I'd never be able to decide not to cut it and I'd always wonder about it
I hope you shave if you want to!
635 days ago
I want to be bald more than anything
993 days ago
I want to shave so flipping bad but my mom says I look pretty with long hair and it wouldn't suit me lol 😩😩😩
1059 days ago
i want to, but i’m worried my head isn’t the right shape lol
1066 days ago
I’ve been doing a lot of reading about women being more confident with shaved heads so I’m going to do it!
1127 days ago
After taking the quiz I got out the clippers and shaved my head.
1146 days ago
Thanks I just finished shaving it all off
1345 days ago
Thanks Ezzie! But a bit too late as I've already shaved!
1345 days ago
Thanks Ezzie! But a bit too late as I've already shaved!!!!