What Color Should You Dye You Hair?

Take this quiz to find out what color you should dye your hair.

Question 1:What group do you usually hang out with?
The 'weird-ass people'
The 'jocks/preps'
The 'cheerleaders'
The 'geeks'
The 'goths/punks'

Question 2:What do you find attractive?
Nice car.
Fishnet stockings.
Glasses and braces.
Lots of skin.

Question 3:When I say *quack* you say...
Mm. Dinner's ready!
I love kitties!
Why would you say quack in the first place?
Yes, ducks say quack.

Question 4:Perquacky is...
The sound you make during sex.
Heehee. That sounds like penis.
Probably gay.
Not even a real word.
A game.

Question 5:What does Fred Flinstone say?
Screw off.
Yabba-dabba-doo! I love that lil guy!
Yabba-dabba-doo Wilma! That was niiiiiice.
I don't float in that boat.
Fred Flinstone is a cartoon character, so who cares?

Question 6:Pick a name.

Question 7:Who loves you?
My boyfriend/girlfriend.
No one. Fuck the world up the ass.
My Mommy!
The plants! The plants love me! They think I am sexy. HOOWAH!
My family, I guess.

Question 8:Look...
at my boobs! No, don't look at them! Look at my boobs! Don't look at them!
I'm doing Trig.
I am a vampire.
at me?
at that cute little puppy! aww!

Question 9:You see a cardboard box in the middle of the road. All of a sudden you see a white rabbit wearing fishnets runs and jumps into a hole through the ground. Then, your math teacher appears naked and asks you to dance the hokey pokey for your math final. Why was the box in the road?
What the hell? That's all a bunch of shit.
I like bunnies.
That is all inconceivable.
Because I forgot it there after we had sex.... guess who the we was!
Um. Why was my math teacher naked?

Question 10:What office supply do you have fantasies about?
Scissors. RRRarrrrr.
Um. What?
I like the animal erasers, because they are so cute. But I feel bad about using them because I don't want to hurt their little bodies.
What kind of sick person has fantasies about office supplies?

This Quiz has been designed by Kameeka/Mankey.