What hair color suits your personality?

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What is your REAL hair color? Are you a spunky red head, a gothic black haired, a dumb blonde, a smart brunette, or some other exotic color like blue or green? Find Out!

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    If you could decorate your room in any way you wanted, how would you do it?

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117 days ago
I'm a brunette and I have been wanting to be a redhead so I'm very proud!
136 days ago
I am a brunette I am very smart but I am not all about smarts I love singing, acting, and want to be in modeling! I just want to make it very clear that I am not a redhead! I am BRUNETTE ALL THE WAY!
145 days ago
lots of blondes are very smart. that is an unfair stereotype
216 days ago
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216 days ago
i am redhead this quiz says i am brunette
239 days ago
Also please my natural hair colour is called caramel blonde. Is that more brown or blonde because my true hair colour ( yes this is how you spell colour where I live) is a mystery.
239 days ago
Why are all these quizzes for Americans? Things in other places are so different like where I live we have to wear perfect school uniform or you get a punishment. You also have to learn RE and prayer to the Holy trinity every morning. So please can someone make a quiz based on where I live
429 days ago
Blonde thing is rude. I'm a blonde and I could have took my gcse english at 10.
429 days ago
YES I GOT RED HAIR!! :-) :-) :-)

I am blonde
562 days ago
my results were redhead but i am already a redhead. i wanted my results to be either blonde hair or brown hair
750 days ago
the blonde thing is reAlly rudE. i may not be blonde but i know a lot of blondes that are quite smart.
786 days ago
I am insulted by this, yes I am aware of the stereotype of 'dumb blondes', but my hair is blond and I am one of the most intelligent people in my grade
I apologize if I sound conceited and decorum challenged, but it is true.
946 days ago
There needs to be more variety in the options. 50% of the participants are 'redheads'.
I think it's safe to say, that the data isn't accurate...
1047 days ago
Im sorry but for some reason you keep bringing up killing and thats not cool
1074 days ago
For 30 % you are: You are a redhead! You like being in the spotlight and you are pretty unique. Guess what! I am a redhead too.
49 % of 23574 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

Your results were not clear.

You could also get this result:
For 30 % you are: You are a smart brunette! Congrats! Study as much as you want! maybe you could discover something that would make the world a lot better. Good luck! Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20 % you are: You are very exotic! You should have a hair color like blue or green or orange! Profile C

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: Sorry to say it, but you are a dumb blonde at heart. It's not always a bad thing though. Profile D

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: You should have black hair because you are pretty emo! Scary! Profile E

My hair is brown. Nearly everyone I know thinks I am smart, so I guess that section of the results fits. I didn't appreciate the second to last result because my best friend has blond hair, and she is smart, not dumb. I also don't want blue, green, or orange hair!
1102 days ago
i’m a blonde and smart