Wanna Dye Your Hair? Use THIS Color! Try this quiz now!

Want to dye your hair, but can't decide on the best color? Take this test to get a curated suggestion! Keep in mind that your result will just be my personal opinion, so don't take it super-seriously unless you really love it. Which I really hope you do - you're gonna look FAB!:-)

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    You usually like ______ colors.
    You usually like ______ colors.

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48 days ago
My said something bold but idk here is my hair color/style journey

I am 14 bty

10: bleached my hair bc I was bored of the strawberry blonde(naturally)

10 .5: blue tips bc why not and decided to do a ombré blue effect

11: went brunette for a bit with red highlights

11.5: fire hair and also I had pink hair

12: black hair💋

12.5: cut my hair shoulder length bc my hair was very long then bleached it like a white blonde and had silver for a while

13: on my 13 birthday my mom said I could get fire hair again then purple

13.5 : you know it I got red with blonde highlights then cut it off shoulder length again

14: now it’s my natural color but what should I do next?!?
55 days ago
I got red so I think I am going to try it I also got jet black so either one I am going to try
171 days ago
Lol It said rainbow and i want rainbow hair looks like i am getting it done in 2 months wish me luckkkk undefined
241 days ago
It says I should dye my hair a sandy blonde, which is funny cause its one of the colors I want (my hair rn is a washed, burnt, greenish, purplish, blue color.
301 days ago
im already a brunette-
330 days ago
I got red, I'm not actually gonna do it but i imagine how nice it would be!
402 days ago
Ok so the test says that i should dye my hair green red pastel pink or purple and i think i am gonna do red
420 days ago
so, according to the quiz, i should try smth bold yet natural, like black. my hair IS technically black. nvm, imma gonna dye it mint green
449 days ago
It told me bold colors, witch I guess is ok, cuz I’m planning to dye my hair like a midnight blue.
453 days ago
so i'm 13 and apparently it should be "Bold" or something... I tried with all my might to get like sap green or natural red highlights.
554 days ago
It said red
637 days ago
It said red. MY HAIR IS NATURALLY RED! Also it did not have an option for 11 years.
656 days ago
It tells me to get jet black.
Me: I already dyed it black duh. *This is useless*
657 days ago
I got pastel pink! This is the second survey I tried and I got pastel pink! A coincidence, perhaps...but maybe not! Haha!
669 days ago
I thought this is a boy and girl Quiz Because am a boy😳.... I will get out of your way girls am sorry 😢
671 days ago
i got somthing bold and brave hahahaha im not that am a meep
673 days ago
Im not getting my hair dyed but I got blue orange pastel pink or purple green red
677 days ago
My result:Your new hair color should be...

OK, first of all, are you sure you want to dye ALL of your hair? How about some highlights? If you're a blonde, you should do pinkish-purple highlights. If you're a brunette, try maybe navy or dark blue. If you have black hair, red highlights would look cool. If you have red hair, maybe try something more natural, like blonde. If you don't like the really bold colors, try ones that are natural-looking, yet complement your original hair color. For example, if you're a blonde, brunette highlights would look cool. If you're a brunette, blonde highlights would suit you well. If you've got black hair, it might be harder to find something that would work well, but maybe try blonde highlights. If you're a redhead, blonde highlights would look good. Good luck!:)

Pretty accurate
697 days ago
I am quite old .I have yellow toned skin Hazel brown eyes.i wonder if navy hair will suit me
718 days ago
i want red highlights people