What Color Should I Dye My Hair?

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Trying to decide what color you should dye your hair? I would guess yes, since you're checking out my quiz.:-) Take it to find a curated suggestion! Your result will just be my personal opinion, so don't take it too seriously - unless you actually like it. Which I hope you do - you're gonna look GREAT!:-)

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    You usually like ______ colors.
    You usually like ______ colors.

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12 days ago
Iโ€™m a dirty blonde
17 days ago
I took this test and got something bold, like pastel pink/purple or like bright green or red
That is TOTALLY me!!
Thx again, All The Tests!!
19 days ago
navy or dark blue... hmmmm, I'll think about it, not bad though.
19 days ago
Really jet black or fiery red come on i was hoping for something like blue or purple.
24 days ago
Ummmmm black?!?!?! At the beginning I said i like lighter colors and that my wedding would be a traditional white color. How did they get BLACK from that?!?!? ๐Ÿ˜‚
33 days ago
GO FOR SOMETHING NATURAL LIKE JET BLACK OR FIREY RED really. Noooo I want nice neon green or blue or my fave and my crushes fave teal.
33 days ago
Black really... Grrrrrr. First of all my hair is brown and looks like black so black isint gonna do much. I wanted a nice chick'y' look ish idk I just wanted one of my crushes colors
45 days ago
I took the what color should I get my braces quiz from theese people and just like that quiz this totally was my personality! I would definitely do red in my hair!!! Thanks Once again All the tests!!!!!!!!
46 days ago
47 days ago
61 days ago
I took this quiz hoping to get brown so iam still gonna get it brown lol
75 days ago
I took this quiz and I want to get at least medium-sized highlights. They could be a pinkis-purpleish color that I LOVE.
75 days ago
I did the quiz and got good colors that would match my personality.

Red or jet black? Oooh!!
75 days ago
I got pinkish purple highlights
85 days ago
I took the quiz again with the same answers and I got a different result.

Red or black? Definitely NOT me.
97 days ago
I'm not dying my hair
It's blonde naturally turning brown
If i wait for awhile I'll get the color i wanted
97 days ago
Ready to find out what your new hair color should be? You should do something bold yet still natural, like a jet black or a fiery red. You don't see as many redheads or people with black hair as you see people with brunette or blonde hair, so it will make you stand out just a little bit.:)
Good For Me ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š
98 days ago
I got black, that's the color I wanted!
I answered everything honestly
103 days ago
Demolishes bodies in kj apas basement with bleach๐Ÿ˜
117 days ago
I was hoping for a black to blue or purple. I got: " If you are a brunette try navy or blue". YAY!