If you dyed your hair, what color would it be?

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This test will see that if one day you ever dyed your hair, it would be ______ colored.

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    What is your personal favorite color?
    What is your personal favorite color?

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316 days ago
I got: Red/ Orange red
1050 days ago
I got blue a black
1101 days ago
And sad.
1101 days ago
Are there any other options beside 'Orange and Red', 'Pink and Purple' and 'Green and Blue' ? If those are the only options, this quiz is pretty bad.
1101 days ago
I got Green and Blue, but I was planning to hair chalk (Temporary hair dye) it blood red. This quiz wasn't bad, and if I had to pick a second color, it would be blue or purple.
1110 days ago
YAS!! I took this to see what colour I should dye my hair and I got red/orange which ever one in my friend group (over 20 peeps) said....
ORANGE OR RED!! Yay 😁!!!!
1210 days ago
Ummmm I got blue and green even though I’ve dyed my hair all the colours of the rainbow and blue and green got the least amount of complements where red which is the colour my hair is right now has gotten the most complements and has raised my self esteem.
1239 days ago
I got red or orange. I wanted 2 dye my hair red when I grow up
1241 days ago
urgh I got pink and purple I hate those colours I wanted to get blue and black
1311 days ago
i wanted pink purpule and blue
1311 days ago
i ot green and blue yuck!