Which Hairstyle Best Conveys My Personality?

Are you looking for a new look for your hair? I'm obsessed with all the different hairstyles out there, and study them all the time. If you need a second opinion, I think I can help you find a great hairstyle for you. Try my test and in a few minutes you'll have some ideas to explore at your next appointment!

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    You have always dreamed of being in the:

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463 days ago
i got a bob which is weird bc im growing out my hair and its past my shoulders:D i am also the only boy in my year with long hair so i get bulled sometimes for it but its great
646 days ago
so I'm nonbinary and trying to find out what hairstyle I should get, and I strap
still dont know :/
818 days ago
i am a sophisticated young enterprising girl
877 days ago
I got long straight, which is me i think I am growing it out, it also gave part afro which was kinda weird but its is mostly good
880 days ago
I got long straight hair but the funny thing is Im blackity black and I have 4c hair that will barley go to my shoulders
880 days ago
I got the bob but my hair is to my thighs lol
881 days ago
i got the bob hair style
944 days ago
i have medium length wavy hair w/ a side fringe lol
978 days ago
I do have a bob hair cut is short.
1071 days ago
i got a Pink Afwo!1! uwu i didnt know that was an option (^▽^ )
1071 days ago
I got curly long hair... dope..? If only my hair could do anything but be straight
1431 days ago
Okay........ What? I USED to havr long straight hair but I cut it all off cause' I hated it! Although, everything else was on point. (but my favorite color is green so..... (-_-)
1475 days ago
I look terrible with a fringe and my hair is really long
1851 days ago
The definition of my personality was on point but my hair wasn’t
1871 days ago
This test defined me in a summary. I got fringed medium hair. You are considered rather quiet but at the same time you love to express your inner feeling though music,dance, acting and writing.you are thoughtful and tend to daydream often.you have strong opinions and tend to keep them contained inside.you are a little sensitive at times but have a gentle and kind spirit.Thank you Imogen for once in my life someone finally gets me.IM SO GREATFUL🐱
1894 days ago
I got afro...no it's wrong
1894 days ago
Why does it ask about music the only music I like is videogame soundtracks
1919 days ago
true! I HAVE long straight hair!
1955 days ago
I want to be an army
1957 days ago
Same lolo xD