Should I Get a Pixie Cut? Quiz

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This is for girls wondering whether to get the "pixie" style of haircut.

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    Have you ever gotten a pixie cut or bob before?

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249 days ago
My mom has a pixie cut and she looks so pretty!!! I'm 12 and I am DYING to get a pixie cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
249 days ago
Idk why but dads are so chill with short haired girls they ask you if you want short hair your like yeah sure while your moms like EEEEEEEK NO NO NO NO.
249 days ago
I just want one cuz long hair is so anoying i do sports and the all the sweat comes out and i need to wash my hair so short hair is eazy to wash and dry plus im tomboy.
677 days ago
It’s decided I’m getting a pixie cut. The test has spoken. Everyone say goodbye to the rest of my hair
685 days ago
I want to get a pixie cut SO BAD, I'm 13 and I have been dying to change up my style, I love how girls with pixie cuts look, they stand out and it's so pretty they pull it off so well. My mum is hard to convince but I'm sure I could get her to come around to it, but I don't think I've fully convinced myself, mostly I'm scared about if I'll actually look good in it and how it will grow out.

My hair colour is golden blonde and im scared I'll look bald from some angles/distances, my friends always point out my sharp jawline so ig that is a good feature to have for a pixie cut. The girls I normally see with pixie cuts are dark haired, dark eyed tall girls and I'm none of that, I'm short, blonde and blue eyed and I'm scared I can't pull it off and I'll regret it. I've had my hair just underneath my chin and I loved that, but I was always scared my cheeks looked weird with it. I also have a slightly pointer side profile of a nose and I'm scared that will look weird with it too.

I'm also scared of that "growing out phase" where it will be in between a bob and a pixie cut cuz ik I won't suite that, ik I could always wear extensions or wigs but the point of them is for people to not know, and being in school all the time people would obviously know or question how my short hair has all a sudden grown long.

I think I want to get it, and I'm always told just to think about it, but I've been thinking for months now and I still can't decide!
717 days ago
I want a pixie so bad!! I just turned 12. My dad is SO chill about it. One time he asked me if he should buzz my hair while buzzing my brothers. He wasn't even joking, I declined though. Not that confident, yet. My mom is the hard one to convince, I plan to bring it up to her tonight. I have pictures of exactly what I want, so I am hoping that will convince her more, o know that other people have that haircut too. I want my hair like Beverly Marsh's from IT 2017 ( after she cuts it). Any words of encouragement?
719 days ago
Hi. I made this quiz when I was 14 :) (and still had a pixie cut). So I took my own quiz to see if I should get a pixie again lol….and my answer was it could work for me but I should think about it more LOL
To anyone who commented about being unsure — guys just do it. It’s so fun. And there are so many different styles you can try and wow. Just go to a good hairdresser you can trust :)
Some of you asked about cons. I feel like everyone’s cons are pretty different—some pixie styles are high maintenance, some people really miss their long hair, some people are frustrated with how long their hair takes to grow, etc. I feel like it really is unique to each individual.
But if you’re curious, here were my cons:
I chose a couple styles that looked pretty bad on me, and that combined with my dislike for my entire wardrobe made me feel pretty insecure, sometimes just straight up ugly.
But that was a pretty personal con and most people I know who’ve had pixies didn’t struggle with that.
I feel like it is something to keep in mind though, especially if you’re a teenager. Making such a major change to your appearance can affect your mental health in ways you didn’t anticipate. That DOES NOT mean you shouldn’t get one, ofc, just something to be aware of and either way, strive to reach a place where you love yourself no matter what you look like :) That’s something I learned to do when I had a pixie.

Also another con was when I tried a longer pixie my hair had a weird quiff that stuck out on the side of my head haha.

But there were so many pros! Your hair is out of the way, it can be low maintenance, there are countless styles to try out, and you look flippin cute. From that experience I learned what styles I liked and came to better understand how I wanted to express myself through my appearance (so not just hair, but wardrobe, mannerisms, etc). And having a pixie just makes you feel so cool. I can’t tell you how many compliments I got and how many people said, “dang I want to cut my hair short, but idk…..” Just DO IT!!! It’s worth trying it out. Especially if you’ve been thinking about it for a long time.
Anyways, thanks for coming to my TED talk. Thanks for taking my quiz guys, you can email me with all your pixie cut questions lol.

Shawny 🤍

also my favorite comment on here is still the first one: ‘I can always rely on an internet stranger to tell me to cut off my hair’ LOL
Yes hun, you sure can :)
820 days ago
why not? Make a list with all pros and cons you find and then cross out, what doesn't matter. Search for arguments against the remaining cons.
And then go for it ^^

I can't tell you what it is like, because I've never had a pixie cut, but I'm gonna get a Buzz in exactly one month (by my parents) :D
821 days ago
Hi, I'm currently debating wether or not I should cut my hair. I had a pixie haircut once, but I was like 5 so I don't really remember if I liked having a pixie cut. I am doing horseback riding, so having a short haircut would be nice, and it would take a lot less time to wash and brush, but I'm worried that I'll regret it later. Any advice?
864 days ago
This summer I want to get a buzz cut (like 5-30mm), but I'm not sure.
I'll be a 14 years old girl then (now 13 lol).

OK. I really don't know, why I'm not 100 per cent convinced... I've got soooo many reasons,why I should do and only 3 against it (and they actually don't matter).
But I need someone, who tells me, it gonna be alright. If anybody reads this until june, please, just say I should do it :3 ^^

(If my spelling or grammar is horrible, I'm sorry. I'm actually german :)
874 days ago
I'm a tomboy and I was like 5 or 6 when I first cut my hair. (which I liked it) But then I started thinking if I should get a pixie cut myself. Cus my hairs about to my mid back and it's always a pain when I get out of the shower or pool cus it's so naughty, I have to buy this expensive spray to help with my brushing. If you have a pixie cut, can you tell me what you thought of it? And if there's any cons I should know about.
935 days ago
i have a shaved head :)
1066 days ago
my hair is litterly to my waist and it has been like that every since it grew that long, I'm 13 so around 8-10 years of the same haircut. I'm getting a pixie in 2 weeks and I'm SO EXCITEDDDDDD
1079 days ago
Lonely Chickpea how did it go?
1091 days ago
My hair is currently over a foot and a half long and I hate it so much and I’m getting a pixie cut in like four days and I’m super excited
1115 days ago
I’m genderfluid and my parents don’t understand/don’t know(my mom sorta knows?). So Incase you don’t know what that is I’ll just give you a brief rundown of what’s its like(for me at least). When I wake up in the morning I don’t always feel like the same gender, one morning I could be a girl, and another I could be a boy or non-binary. I don’t have a lot of masculine cloths so I end up really disphoric. To top it all off my hair is REALLY long; which is fine on female days, but on days like today it’s unbearable for me to look in the mirror and see myself without a gender, and super long hair that makes me look like a girl. No offense. But I’m only thirteen and I don’t think my parents will allow it soooo..... should I just cut my own hair? My dad actually does cut hair, he’s not a barber but I have three brothers so he cuts their hair instead of going to a barbershop. Should I try to convince him to cut my hair or should I just do it myself? *Context* I don’t care how messy it would be if I did it myself I just need it shorter.
1244 days ago
Curly Cue I have curly haired pixie cut!! It’s really nice looking in my opinion also google search curly pixie cut they look great
1277 days ago
Also I’m genderqueer my mom would kill me for that too (ughhhhh)
1277 days ago
I want a pixie cut so bad because my long hair makes me look like a girl.. I don’t want that!!!! My mom is SO against it but hopefully I can convince her *fingers crossed!*
1345 days ago
I’m getting an official pixie cut tomorrow!! I’m 13, but I think I’ll rock it! Can’t wait. I’m going to bed early today so tomorrow comes quicker! I just hope I don’t back out lol