Silhouette's Hair Obsession Quiz

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Find out how much you are really into your hair right now!

  • 1
    I have hair maintenance habits that are different from those of my family and friends.

    Ex. You cut your hair by the moon and/or use only satin pillowcases and only wash your hair with cleansing conditioners instead of shampoo.
  • 2
    I cannot get through the day without worrying about what I will or will not do to my hair.

    Ex. No matter what’s going on in your life, or someone else’s life, your hair remains in the spot light of your mind.
  • 3
    I prefer to do my own hair alone and I don’t want anyone else touching it.

    Ex. You would never consider going to a stylist even if they have a good reputation.

  • 4
    I make excuses so that I will not have to go places where I think my hair will be unpredictable.

    Ex. You avoid outside activities (even as an on looker), with a chance of any type of precipitation like rain, mist, fog, etc…
  • 5
    I have uncontrollable hair styling binges during which I will style my hair and destroy the style to do a different style until I’m completely frustrated and no style is good enough. It causes me to become emotional.

    Ex. It doesn’t matter how nicely put together your style is, it’s not what you wanted so you keep deconstructing until you have exhausted your hair from either heat, product and /or styling and it won’t do anything you expect it to do.
  • 6
    I find myself cutting tiny pieces of my hair off when a single style doesn’t look perfect and I hide the cut hairs from others.

    Ex. Snipping your hair is nothing to you if it means your style seems perfect.

  • 7
    I have determined that there are certain ‘safe’ hairstyles that are okay for me to do and ‘bad’ hairstyles that I refuse to create.

    Ex. Without knowing how it will look, or hold up, you just mentally reject certain styles.
  • 8
    I become angry when I have somewhere to be and my hair is not like I want it.

    Ex. The day is here for an event you’ve been excitedly looking forward to. You are very upset and really don’t want to go anymore because you can’t get your hair to do what you want.
  • 9
    I enjoy being extra delicate and spending time on my hair, but I don’t want to waste my own hair care time doing other people’s hair.

    Ex. Money could be made in abundance from the hair care experience you have, but you refuse to service others.
  • 10
    I am afraid that no one would understand my fears about hair products and the stress I feel about my hair care, so I keep these feelings to myself.

    Ex. You freak out when you see people in the hair product isle at the market. You want to tell them all to go to the food section to get what they want for their hair.

  • 11
    I use vitamins excessively as a means of hair control.

    Ex. Your vitamin regimen includes 3 of more vitamins that you take 2 or more times a day just for your hair.
  • 12
    I go through long periods of time without eating, sleeping, studying, interacting with friends and family, just to do my hair or research hair care techniques.

    Ex. Knowing everything about hair is a dream, there is always more to consider and it is a never ending journey.
  • 13
    I would hold my head upside down until I threw up if I thought that it would stimulate hair growth.

    Ex. Trying methods that makes you feel completely uncomfortable physically will be all worth it if it benefits you hair.
  • 14
    It is very important that my hair is longer than all of my friends.

    Ex. You love the attention that you get from your hair being so long and you feel it’s one of your best features.
  • 15
    I will eat or drink something I don’t like if it benefits my hair.

    Ex. Healthy hair by many and any means.
  • 16
    It would please me to maintain a hair length and thickness that is considered healthy and consistent with my build, age and height.

    Ex. You do believe there is a science to how your hair should look in correlation to your unique specifications.

  • 17
    I have an overwhelming fear of thinning or losing hair.

    Ex. You have one or more family members who have really thing or bald hair and you feel you are next.
  • 18
    It is very important that I look at my hair in every possible reflective surface to make it still meets my standards.

    Ex. If you are hiking you will stop and look in the lake to see if your hair still looks okay.
  • 19
    I can spend hours reading books, magazines or watching videos online about hairstyling, products and miracle cures.

    Ex. You are your own professor, honor student, and captain of your hair cheerleading team at your own Hair University!
  • 20
    I will not love my outfit, unless I’m satisfied with my hair when I’m wearing it.

    Ex. You wear the hair. The outfit is just an accessory.

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