How much do you know about the rules of hairstyling?
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How much do you know about the rules of hairstyling?

Example: Grandma's christmas gift (reindeer sweater) and your 4 inch gelled-up spikes??? I don't think so.

Question 1:What is the most common hairstyle for snowboarders on the slopes of a ski resort?
all down
two braids

Question 2:Which is the correct choice for styling your hair for an open-back prom dress?
all down
all up
half and half

Question 3:You are asked (forced) to go to a symphony with your parents and are asked to (forced to) dress formally. How do you dress your tresses?
trendy crimped ponytail
tons of little braids
formal updo

Question 4:You are going on a rollercoaster where you can buy pictures of you on the 80ft. drop-off. How do you prepare for the photo?
all down
tight messybun

Question 5:You gotta go to visit your great, great, great, (etc.....) grandmother at the old folks home. Which is the obvious no-no?
curled in
two braids
16 little buns

Question 6:Of the following, which is the most common hairstyle seen on the soccer field?
all down
the 50's beehive
two french braids

Question 7:Your guy invites you to a romantic movie and you heard there is an inspiring kissing scene. How should you do your hair?
up with strands hanging down
tight ponytail

Question 8:Congrats! You're nominated for the Jennifer-Anniston-lookalike contest. How should you do your hair?
Mega curls
all crimped

Question 9:Think back to those times looking in your school yearbook. Which hairstyle was most common for the personal photos?
most up
twisted cornrows
most down

Question 10:When going for that California-prep-baseball cap look, which is the best choice to wear with the baseball cap?
flipped out
french braids
tight curly Q curls

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