What type of Necklace are you?
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What type of Necklace are you?

Have you ever wondered what type of necklace you are? Take this quiz and find out if your the "Choker", "Delicate and loose" or none at all

Question 1:   At parties, you (and I mean ANY kind of party, whether it be a birthday or a beach party)
are the center of attention, making everybody laugh or just showing off
talk with anybody that holds your interest
I don't talk to anybody/don't like parties/don't get invited to any parties
can hang out with just about anybody/but leaning to the quiet side
chill with just your friends or people that seem to be like you

Question 2:   When you're with your boyfriend/girlfriend.. (or if you don't have one..imagine)
you keep yourself really close to him/her, making sure everyone knows that he/she’s yours
you act like a normal couple, TRULY normal
have a good time, not overly obsessed, but makes it noticeable that he/she’s yours.
we are the quiet type/don't do things unexpected
you compliment each other nicely, but have no problem checking out other people

Question 3:   The color that you favor most out of this selection is
grey/not bright colors
yellow/orange/anything bright
black (maybe even red...since it goes)

Question 4:   Your personality is
outgoing, bold, and outstanding
nice/ average

Question 5:   Which store are you most likely to buy clothes/accessories from?
A fancy boutique somewhere/Very unique clothes
Hot Topic
Joyce Leslie/ Kohls/places with real cute clothes
any store, don't really care, I only wear plain shirts and jeans
Old Navy/comfy clothes

Question 6:   What music do you listen to?
Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, maybe even Blink 182/maybe rock as well
don't enjoy music that much
Norah Jones, Faith Hill, Jewel, Shania Twain
anything popular that's playing (possibly into pop)

Question 7:   What color would you like to dye your hair?
don't have time to dye my hair or the money to waste
I don't dye my hair/its artificial and damaging!
pink, green, blue, crazy colors like that

Question 8:   Out of these, which bracelet would you wear?
something "warm" and flowy! Nice/not too much.
those black, sort-of-stretchy bracelets/ "punk bracelets"
cuff, bangle, or something that everybody can see.
I don't accessorize that much
a cute/pretty piece that accents my outfit just right!

Question 9:   Which is your favorite show?
Reality shows (eg: Survivor/Real World/The Simple Life)
Martha Stewart/Nature channels
The Osbournes
I don't watch much television/but maybe gameshows

Question 10:   In school, what sort of grades do you get?
I am a normal student (from B's to A's)
I get fair grades, usually B's, sometimes an A or C, rarely D's or F's
they vary so much that I'm neither of these categories
uuhh, I hardly pay attention, so I don't know/don't care!
I get very high grades, B+'s to A+'s

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