What's My TRUE Aesthetic? Play This Quiz & See if You're Art Hoe, Baddie, Kawaii, Grunge or Vintage!🌸

Everyone seems to have an "aesthetic" nowadays. If you've been wondering what yours is, play this quiz now! If anyone has ever called you an "Art Hoe" or a "Baddie," or said you were totally Grunge, Vaporwave Kawaii, or Vintage and you weren't sure what they meant, or if they were right, play this 14-question aesthetic test and find out what style you most closely identify with! Afterward, you can dive in all the way or just pick what you like from the different aesthetics. It's totally up to you - after all, it's YOUR aesthetic! Play the quiz now and see what you get!

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    Which of these kinds of music do you listen to most? (Pick the closest)
    Which of these kinds of music do you listen to most? (Pick the closest)

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10 days ago
Hey bestiesssss
I got ur mum
25 days ago
I got Kawai!!!! I am so happy with this
25 days ago
My aesthetic is Kawai
35 days ago
Uhm..im sorry,what..it looks like im a "baddie" but idk what to say..they said i listen a lot to ariana grande and post malone - i barely even know what this people musuc style is. All i know is that i totally dont like them. I usually listen to rock, nirvana, heavy metal and sometimes,phonk. And im very opened with people, i have lots if friends and im kinds popular tbh..I can admit this lol
35 days ago
why am i a baddie , im more of a classy cute girl but keep it simple ! great quiz tho 🫶
43 days ago
this quiz is pretty acurate! I got grunge and i can see myself pulling that style off
43 days ago
i got kawaii, but idk if thats true bc i dont rlly like the kawaii style for myself, but overall its a cute style! I was just expecting to get art hoe. But good quiz!
49 days ago
I got baddie but idk if that’s true! I’m a legend but a fairly new one. I want to know if that’s actually sabre coz I’m not too sure it is

(If it is I’m so sorry)
54 days ago
Thank you so so much norris nuts my brothers autistic and non virable but your videos are so amzing and insaperational and make us both happy tysm
61 days ago
OMG SABRE i am a huge fan you should come to darwin for a holiday
66 days ago
guurl i love this thing
70 days ago
Love this quiz sooooooooooooooooo much it’s so athestic cute and preppy
73 days ago
my comment is im obesssed with asthetic clothes
73 days ago
Hi sabre im a huge fan of you tell buggy he is really funny
74 days ago
i am coming over to sydney to visit my auntie i hope i see you guys
74 days ago
i love you norris nuts
74 days ago
omg sabre norris ahh
75 days ago
Are you as you last heard in the last vlog we will be moving to Sydney for a new house because our house is way too small for us for a family of eight it’s only three bedroom so we decided to get a bigger house in Sydney I’m so excited to show you guys the house in the next video love you 😍
82 days ago
I am a Ariana grande fan she is the ebst
84 days ago
Sockie fan
What video are you watching .new video being released today