What type of aesthetic are you?

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Heeey🔪in this quiz I will tell you what type of aesthetic suits more to you. For example: e-girl🌺, kawaii pastel🍥, grunge🔗, goth/emo💉, baddie💸... Hope you like it and feel comfortable with the results. Please tell me in the comments what you think 🐉have a nice day.

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2 days ago
7 days ago
Okay howed they guess I'm a dang goth :
22 days ago
i just wear whatever im given so I don't know its normally a mix of everything but they don't have that option
42 days ago
I'm starting over because there was a bit of lack
52 days ago
Yuh uh huh I took it again and got that goodie goodie shii.
52 days ago
OMG!!! BRUH they really be testing me with this fake shii like honey i aint no Hawii roach and ion like k-pop like what is that. Honey one word to describe me is a Baddie and i put that on periott.
58 days ago
This is surprising ima goth but I wear softie or visco c(*0*c) but I respect this
68 days ago
Emo? What? Uhh no. Im more of a soft-pastel bright art hoe :-)
71 days ago
Why did I get emo :/ i- I'm baddie
73 days ago
I'm an emo how 💗 👁👄👁....
84 days ago
I got- goth? I'm kawaii- I think? now I'm just questioning my existence... I- I- uh- O.o
94 days ago
I got- kawaii? Non of my answers fit that and probably the closest option to what I think my aesthetic is, is 90’s aesthetic
98 days ago
i got emo/goth like chile whaat
129 days ago
I feel like EVERYONE got goth and emo lmaoo (well as far as I can see)
137 days ago
I have done the test twice but my results are goth or emo all the time, but I do not like dark colors and "goth" things that much
139 days ago
goth... LMAO. what?? come again because I never once said I liked death metal, trap or even black clothing for that matter PLUS I said I would die my hair natural colours with minimal makeup... I have to laugh chile
150 days ago
i literally said i like trap and that k-pop is literal GARBAGE how does that make me Hawaii Pastel? WHAT DOES HAWAII PASTEL EVEN MEAN! ( but i do wanna live in hawaii one day) I am probably 90's aesthetic
158 days ago
uhhhhhh no. im not goth or emo. the options just didnt say anything about me
162 days ago
((Fuchsia)) I got kawaii!~ Yes I love it. 🎵 ((Fuchsia))
211 days ago
yh I’m not emo lmao