What's your aesthetic? [NEW]

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Want to know what to post on tumblr and be trendy? Answer these 10 questions and I will tell you your aesthetic!

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    What's your favorite color?
    What's your favorite color?

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4 days ago
umm girl i ain't even close to emo like tf i'm a BADDIE and thats on periodtt
31 days ago
akjsdfhasl That description- yeah, the one there- it's scarily accurate. I'm mOderately scared. I did not give anyone permission to make my clone.
33 days ago
well i got vintage but i mean im not gonna say im happy but it's cool
i do listen to 70 's and 80's songs but that's about all vintage about me well at least i didn't get vaporwave or grunge
67 days ago
You are the pastel aesthetic! You love pastel colors and kpop.

73 days ago
I got pastel and Kpop. I didn’t even select ANYTHING to do with kpop or pastel colours lmao
77 days ago
I love pastel colours and kpop apparently- I mean yeh I listen to k-pop but loike, I prefer darker colours, not black and gloomy, but like a dark purple. My tips for anyone that wanna know their aesthetic is ask random people online coz well- why not
93 days ago
quite inaccurate
i picked pastel colors, 90s music, and artsy/cutesy options and some how im an emo/goth? i mean i do really like panic at the disco but that shouldnt make me emo/goth right? like bruh ;-;
103 days ago
Emo aesthetic. Not me at ALL! Lol
145 days ago
I picked billie eilish things and the art things and i'm pastel aesthetic.. .
210 days ago
I t s o k a y I g u e s s
211 days ago
i said i liked kpop and it gave me the emo punk rock aesthetic.
220 days ago
this is MUCH better than the old one!
224 days ago
I legit got emo and I said I like bright colors and cute clothes {-.-} tf
227 days ago
I got vintage! I can see that! Im usually found listening to oldies and reading a book!
241 days ago
Ooooo I'm vintage and I got vintage so good
258 days ago
hmm. ireallydont know about this test.
276 days ago
This is inaccurate lmao
I said I liked cutesy and pastel things and it says I’m emo-
Like bruh there is no way
I already know what I am and I’m a pastel goth lol
I just answered with the cutesy stuff >.>
287 days ago
This was COMPLETELY inaccurate! I put that I liked pastel colors, the striped clothing option, and the fun loving option... so can someone explain to me how that equals EMO!
292 days ago
This was really innacccurate, i said i like kpop and grandma's clothes and somehow im emo and like punk rock?
302 days ago
bruh i got emo and i answered everything else than emo style?