What is your aesthetic?

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Have you ever wondered what your aesthetic is? Well now you will know with this fun quiz! Play now!

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2 days ago
I'm an e-girl and I dress like one irl so makes since!! 🤗
3 days ago
So i like this quiz and if you don't I am so so sry for you T.T find a new quiz then because, it was a good quiz. Welllllllll bye then people who read this, have a wonderful day/night never give up!
3 days ago
but i......but I goblincore
5 days ago
e-girls are ruining my life asf
8 days ago
it says i use tik tok but i dont even use tik tok-
9 days ago
Omg this is so accurate, ( i got e-girl) I have the colored strands in front of my hair and i wear a lot of eyeliner (when im actually productive). Im also bi, and i have my little straight girl moments where i wear baggy sweatpants with a cropped top.
10 days ago
lol last night quiz was “Tomboy Thug” now “E-Girl?” most rebellious thing ive done is use an app (which wasnt even that bad) that im not supposed to use- wth
14 days ago
I keep getting E-girl and btw im not even a girl-
15 days ago
How tf did i get soft girl? number 1 im a trans guy, number 2 i am going deaf bc i play metal music so loud number 3 i dont give a actual f about how i look or what others think of me. how did i end up with this??
16 days ago
i keep getting E-girl. bUt im not even a girl-
16 days ago
don't let people judge you. If they don't want to be your friend then they don't deserve to be your friend. I know how you feel. I am gender fluid. don't be afraid to show the real you. Shout it loud and proud. I am not saying you have to tell anyone your results but you seem like you need some cheering up.
17 days ago
I'm FTM and I can't even keep friends for long and I don't have any friends right now. I don't want people to know the real me so no.
18 days ago
I think this is rigged. Everyone gets e girl. I never touched tiktok
18 days ago
i also got e-girl but im full out horse girl ;)
22 days ago
i got e girl i just wanted to know if it was the same
22 days ago
I don’t think the questions had enough options. I didn’t agree with any of the answer except maybe the colour one. I love poofy dresses, pretty feminine clothes, lacy details. My favourite styles are Lolita, decora kei (idk if I spelt that right), I love punk but I could never pull it off, I also like women’s suit though they’re not for me and pastel goth and some other eccentric looking outfits are really pretty but I don’t think I’d be brave enough to wear them. I got e-girl by the way
23 days ago
why are so many people get e-girl-
i mean so did i
28 days ago
"e-girl" me, a mix of punk and grunge and nonbinary; oh, ok
32 days ago
egirl.....never touched tiktok, even if i did it would b a completely different section of it (gay, pjo, harry potter ect.) and the 2 sections in the front...cringe. if ur gonna dye, go all out or tips. not just 2 sections in the front...gross. sorry, u got me wrong (note: everything in this comment was my opinion and im not judging any1 else just how i would not like it for myself, yall do whatever u want)
36 days ago
Says I’m an e girl...definitely wrong. I don’t really wear black too much, I prefer more uhh...colorful colors. I’ve never even touched TikTok in my life. I rarely listen to rock but it is true that I like colored hair. I’ve never put on more than a little eyeliner either. So yeah, wayyy wrong lol.