*Female: What's your style?*
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*Female: What's your style?*

Are you a Glamour Gal, a Classic Chic, a Sporty Sister, or a Punk Princess?!

Question 1:It's time to change you nail color! Which hue do you choose?
I don't! I like mine short and clear!
A sexy cherry red!
Blue, black, purple... or all of them!
Umm... have you even heard of a manicurist?! French all the way!

Question 2:You bump into a cutie at the coffee house! Quick... what are you wearing!?
I was on my way to work so he got me in my professional business suit... although I do look way cute in it!
Some jeans and a T-shirt! It's just a coffee house?!
I was heading to the gym so my workout top and tight workout pants!
Don't you know?! I mean t to bump into him... I was already decked out in a cute top and skirt!

Question 3:Coffee house cutie asks you for a date for Saturday! What do you wear?
Some trendy black pants with a low cut top!
My black Prada dress that I wear on all my first dates!
I don't know something I just picked up at a thrift store?
A fabulous Dolce&Gabanna top with a fabulous Gucci skirt and even more fabulous Manola Blahniks!

Question 4:When you imagine your wedding dress you see...
An Audrey Hepburn ,Grace Kelly, and Scarlet O'Hara type going on!
Vera Wang baby!
I don't know I'm going to elope!

Question 5:What is your favorite flower?
Pansies? hahaha

Question 6:Quick! what are you wearing right now? (and if you aren't wearing any of these then what would you prefer to be wearing when your at home, being bored, taking this quiz!)
A tank top and pajama pants!
Makeup, hair done, and a pretty dress! You never know who will stop by!
A T-shirt with your favorite bad on it!
A silk robe and ... a lady never reveals her secrets!

Question 7:What is your occupation... or something close to it?!
Waitress, bartender, etc.
A lawyer, doctor, athlete
Something with clothes, model, salesgirl
Teacher, mother, homemaker

Question 8:What is your signature bra???
Please I am a Lady!!
my sports bra?
Sexy Victoria Secret bra!

Question 9:If you had to choose one of the following to play you in movie of your life you would choose...
Britney Spears, Reese Witherspoon, or Jennifer Lopez
Gwenyth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, or Halle Barry
Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, or Avril Lavinge
Anna Kournakova, Mia Hamn, or my favorite sports idol!

Question 10:In highschool you...
played basketball/softball/volleyball/etc.
Cheerleader and Homecoming Queen!
Honor Student!
played in a hot hot hot band!

Question 11:When you were in highschool (or if you still are,) Where were you at a party?
I was making my appearance, showing off my outfit, dancing a singing with my friends
I was probably helping someone throw up
I was playing a drinking game or beer bonging!
I was always late because I couldn't go until my game ended!

Question 12:At the party what were you drinking?
My friends and I made mixed drinks
Water because I was an athlete and couldn't drink!
Wine....white or red!

Question 13:If you were a Barbie what would you call yourself?!
I would be Barbie! Like the original! I hate being seconds!
Evening gown Barbie!
Athlete of the Month Barbie!
I hate Barbies! They are so stereotypical... I mean seriously have you ever seen a fat barbie? or acne barbie? or a flat barbie? I don't think so!

Question 14:My favorite subject in school was...
... the one I got to sleep in whenever I went to school!
... Art and Drama!
...Science and Math
...All of them!

Question 15:I never told anyone this...but I have always had a fantasy crush on....
Britney Spears... shut up!
Humphrey Bogart!
Bill Gates... I know I know but anyone who has got a brain like that...WOW!

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