What's your "style"?
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What's your "style"?

Everyone has a clothing style, whether you live the "lifestyle" or not. Take the test of find yours out!

Question 1:What's the main make up of your closet's contents?
A few sweaters from 1988, some flannel shirts from 1992, a couple of nice dresses, several styles of jeans, tank tops, velvet ballet tops, short floral skirts, long plaid skirts, trendy tops from 1996-present, sneakers, sandals, combat boots..
Sheer tops, slim fitting jeans, hiphugger pants, glittery tank tops, strappy sandles and heels.
Soft jeans, linen pants, cotton sweaters, button up shirts, hiking boots and loafers.
Well fitting skirts and pants, designer jeans (or knock-offs), silk blouses, blazers, leather boots and dress shoes.
Black velvet blouses, black velvet skirts, lace tops, long burgundy dresses, black shoes.

Question 2:What cosmetic item(s)would you not leave the house without?
Your face and body glitter.
Your designer/expensive lipliner and travel size perfume.
Your berry-brown lipstick and your neutral toned pressed powder.
Your dark red lipstick and extremely pale loose powder.
Your bag containing several lipstick colors and some concealer, if you even bother with cosmetics that day.

Question 3:What are your favorite colors to wear?
Black and silver, maybe dark purple.
Tan, gray, cream and brown.
Red or anything shiny.
Whatever I grab that day...the clothes are liable to be any color.
It depends on the season.

Question 4:Why would your best friend laugh at/make fun of you?
You almost "fell out" of your cleavage tank top.
Your wearing an outfit that kinda resembles her niece's Halloween costume.
You're carrying a embroidered wallet and animal print cosmetics bag inside a patchwork quilt satchel.
During shopping, you bought khaki pants and a brown sweater. You bought khaki pants and a brown sweater last month.
You're stressing because you wore the oxblood colored boots when you should have worn the rust colored ones.

Question 5:What website would you most likely shop?
Whichever one has something cute that fits and is inexpensive.
L.L. Bean

Question 6:What fabrics could you not live without?
Spandex and lurex.
Microfiber and satin.
All of the above..my mood determines my fabric choices.
Cotton and wool.
Velvet and lace.

Question 7:What garment would you absolutely never wear?
A fuzzy pink cardigan.
A blouse that buttons up to the chin.
Something made of NASA designed fabric.
Ummm...an orange leisure suit? Never thought about it.
An aged, snug sweat shirt.

Question 8:Long skirts go with.....
Laura Ingalls Wilder..I don't wear long skirts.
A trendy belt and a nice blazer.
Many things, so long as the colors don't clash.
A comfy cotton blouse or sweater.
Lace tights and Doc Martens.

Question 9:Why do you clean out your closet and give the garments to Goodwill?
The clothes get too worn out to wear in public.
To get rid of clothes that have shrank in the washer or are past nauseating to look at.
To make room for the new, Spring wardrobe.
The black color faded to icky gray.
To avoid wearing that frumpy top and skirt again.

Question 10:I can't stand it when people...
Stick to one style of dressing.
Can't leave the house unless dressed like a fashion model.
Go shopping in gym clothes.
Wear clothes to resemble the latest pop singer or diva.
Dress like they're school marms from 1906.

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