Wh@t yOur StYle??
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Wh@t yOur $tYle??

Discover really what style are you in!!Are you chic and sexy, sweet and innocent, ethnic and spicy, punk, funky and/or tomboy, or a conservative and classic girl?

Question 1:Of these ones, what's your favorite movie??
"Legally Blonde"
"The Mummy"
"The Blairwitch Project"
"The Wedding Planner"

Question 2:If you have to identify yourself with one of these guys, whom would you identify with?
Freddie Prinze
David Beckham
P. Diddy
Josh Hartnett

Question 3:What's your favorite perfume?
I don't wear any perfume.
Jean Paul Gaultier

Question 4:What's your favorite hang-out place?
At a rock concert
Planet Hollywood
The mall
Bongo's cafe
The new museum in the city

Question 5:My favorite beauty accessory:
My hair gel!! 'Au naturale' hair looks great!!
Beauty? Who thinks of beauty? Maybe a Chapstick!
My lip gloss!! Shine, Shine!!
My nail enamel!! My nails needs to be well painted and if it is purple or pink better!!
My matte lipstick!! It makes them look bigger!

Question 6:There's this huge party in the coolest club in NY and you decide to go... What do you wear?
My white capris with a light blue blouse, my flat sandals and a cool makeup.. Oh and my hair with blower!!
My new black pants and a white and black turtleneck shirt, black high heels..
My orange Jeans, a black long-sleeve shirt, my orange converse snickers... I don't know, anything...
Hipsters leather pants, a cute blouse and leather boots..Ohh and I'll let my hair go wild!!
My denim miniskirt, a halter glittery shirt , denim jacket and my high heels.. And my big silver earrings!

Question 7:What's your favorite underwear?
My Powerpuff girls panties!! I feel like a baby in them!
My white bra! The Everyday ones!
My boxers!! SUPERR comfortable!
My g-string!
My red- feathery panty!

Question 8:I would like to travel to...
Egypt!! Interesting, no??
Paris.. So Romantic!!
England! The best football team is there!!
New York, New York! It's my favorite...
Iceland!! It sounds cool and fantastic!!

Question 9:My room is actually:
Burgundy, Olive green, Brownish...
Dark purple, dark blue, black..
Turquoise Blue, brilliant purple, neon..
yellow, pink, light blue, light green...
White... neutral colors...

Question 10:I would like to have my hair...
Paint it blue or purple..!!
long, layered and flat...
a lot of Curls.... or flat-ironed hair! radical!!!
blonde and short!! that's what I've always wanted!!
as long as it looks clean and well cared.. whatever.. but I prefer it not too flat nor too curl..

Question 11:What would you like to be in the future??!
A sport player, or work in something extreme!! Something that involves adrenaline!!
A business woman...!!
A model, or work in a fashion magazine!!
work in a girl magazines, teacher!!
lawyer, doctor...

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