What styles/fabrics are the best for you?
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What styles/fabrics are the best for you?

Have you ever wondered why certain clothes suit your friends, but they don't do anything for you? Well, take this quiz and see type of style suits your overall shape.

Question 1:   Where do you tend to gain weight?
Generally my hips
I don't tend to gain weight at all, except for a little on my belly
My upper body
Both the top and bottom half of my body

Question 2:   Is your waist defined?
Yes, in caparison to my hips especially
Yes, very defined
Not really

Question 3:   Do you think that you look good in form-fitting clothes?
Yeah, I have big boobs and curvy hips
Not really...
Yes, I am slender with a curvy bottom
Yuppers! I have a nice athletic figure

Question 4:   What woman do you think that you look the most like?
Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford (Curves!)
Twiggy or Kate Hudson (Straight up and down)
Madonna (Strong shoulders and slender hips)
Julia Roberts or Meryl Streep (Smaller boobs and shapely hips)

Question 5:   What would you find to be the most hideous outfit ever?
A jacket that does not define my tiny waist
Something that makes me look too straight
Something with shoulder pads--my shoulders are already broad enough!
A dress that makes me look too pear-shaped

Question 6:   What would you say is your best feature?
My slender waist and hips
My slim figure and cute behind
My defined waist
My hair/eyes

Question 7:   What would you consider your biggest figure "flaw"?
I wish I could lose weight easier
I want a more defined waist
Boobs are "too small" in comparison to my hips
I would like it better if my shoulders weren't sooo much broader than my hips

Question 8:   If you had a personal trainer, what would your goal be?
To get more muscle tone and not gain any more weight
To add definition to my legs
To trim my waist
To slim down my hips a little

Question 9:   What do you wear to the beach?
Anything that shows off my slender hips
A bikini that shows all my curves off
A tankini that boosts my boobs and shows off my nice hips and butt
A tummy tamer

Question 10:   Pick one of the shapes that best describes you?
Soft hourglass shape
Slight pear shape (Bigger on the bottom)
Ruler shape
Triangle shape (Bigger on top)

This Quiz has been designed by Sara Flower.