What Is Your Style?

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(FOR GIRLS ONLY! SORRY, BOYS!) Have you ever wondered which type of outfit you look best in? Which hairstyle attracts the most boys? Or what kind of attitude everyone loves you to have? Well, take this super short quiz to find out your style!

  • 1
    Which animal best describes you?
  • 2
    Which type of outfit would you be most likely to wear?
  • 3
    Which type of attitude do you think you have towards life?

  • 4
    Which type of hairstyle do you think looks best?
  • 5
    Which type of animal best fits your PERSONALITY?
  • 6
    It's time for dance night and all of your friends are dressing up super nice (because there's going to be guys!) What are YOU going to wear?

  • 7
    You get to pick anywhere you want to go for a 3-month vacation? Where is your chosen destination?
  • 8
    What is your favorite season?
  • 9
    How do people react when they see you? What do they say?
  • 10
    And FINALLY, which color best describes your personality. And, in general, which color best describes YOU?:)

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2 hours ago
I liked the questions and my score was really sweet but none of the options for an answer suited me. I half matched my score though, which I guess is good considering I had to go for the closest answer, not my actual answer. I am a very feminine girl who is also passionate, classy and creative.
24 days ago
90 days ago
@agirl You definitely deserve it :) thank u for ur support
91 days ago
Loved my result thnxs also for saying I was your fav that makes me smile so much 😊
111 days ago
no you arent the creator of this quiz, i made it. don't go around saying that. all u can do is type your name as "chloe" and then pretend you own it. you don't! i'm sorry its such a good quiz but you dont have right to ownership XD
125 days ago
125 days ago
Hi yall im the creator of this quiz
Anyone wanna chat??
It’s fine if not
179 days ago
I retried it technically im JoJo Siwa. I like her but im not like her besides the unicorns....
179 days ago
Yeah, thats how you convince ANY girl to do a quiz. What if they are tomboys? This made me sound like a two year old dress girl. I hate dresses, short shorts tank tops and .... You get it... I like the quizzes but im not 2
182 days ago
What Is Your Style?
For 60% you are: CONGRATULATIONS! Your style is: proper, you have good manners, and your sure of yourself. Yes, of course, you may be a little scattered and mismatched, but that's a good thing! Surprisingly, a lot of people go to you for advice or to find out something only because you have a lot of opinions on one topic! You look best in colorful and bright outfits, also with bows in your hair. It helps to lighten up the mood. Your hair also looks best if it's short, with barrettes, so it frames your face! You make people think about things and that's great! Your like a mini princess! Nice job!
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Wow, very detailed! Nice quiz :)