What Superpower Would You Have?

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If a genie suddenly appeared and told you that you could become superhuman, what superpower would you most want to have? Would it be telepathy, teleportation, super-strength, invisibility or the ability to regenerate your cells? Take my quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Who do you want to spend the most time with?
    Who do you want to spend the most time with?
  • 2
    Which activity would you prefer to take part in?
  • 3
    How do you react to insults?

  • 4
    Which of these colors is your favorite?
  • 5
    How would someone else describe you?
  • 6
    If you found a wallet full of cash on the street, you would:

  • 7
    If there's one thing you hate for people to do, it's:
  • 8
    How do you express anxiety?
  • 9
    How do you deal with stress?
  • 10
    Which trait do you prefer in people?

  • 11
    Which career would you rather pursue?
  • 12
    How would you react to the death of a loved one?

Comments (19)


24 days ago
i got cellular regeneration which is very accurate bc all of my scars heal ia a day or two
262 days ago
I wouldn't chose any of these superpowers. If I could have any superpower I ever wanted, I'd definitely take Weapon Manipulation because I could create, summon, shape, manipulate and use any kind of weapons with perfect skill, whether pre-modern, modern or even futuristic using laser, plasma, antimatter or even more exotic ammunition/attacks. If it is a weapon or could be improvised as one, they are completely proficient with it.
363 days ago
I got regeneration that I actually wanted it was also the most percentage 30% it was
363 days ago
Super strength with generation (yay!),invisibility and telepathic yuppie I’m happy with my results
365 days ago
Why do I have lots of percentage on lots of powers
387 days ago
Neat I be invisible power lel I actually want that
401 days ago
the one that had the most for me was teleportation! does this mean this is my true power??? probably-

it was 42%
401 days ago
the one that had the most for me was teleportation! does this mean this is my true power??? probably-
415 days ago
my super power is celler rejeneration
477 days ago
Teleport power!
I would like to have in real
567 days ago
I really think the best super power is the power to quickly adapt to anything.
get mind controlled ? Adapt and grow immune to it create complexe matrix’s in the mind ( would take days to get to my mind )
Invincibility? I’d rip you to shreds like in X-men in future.
Power to control gamma rays and star power?
One guy tried that in the X-men. He ate his own power and turned to stone trying to no kill himself.
Flight? I can fly too adapt to fly
Levitate? I can adapt to that as well
Telekinesis? I nullify that by 107473937393737 times ( try to move me boi)
I can adapt to create force fields 3783848383 force fields ( try to et though that will take you days maybe years )
The flash got tripped in the X-men in the future and got killed by the organism that could adapt.
Magneto? I’d burn my way though.
Only person to get away is teleportation
But Evan that has to be complexe enough for me. Since I’ll adapt a radar system and find you in this world in a few seconds.
Or any where for that matter
Quantum physics? Quantum powers in general?
I’d nullify and grow immune to it and adapt
Try again in a few years
The ability to see the future?
I’d make the future hazy and make it a usless power for everyone.
Time control? I nullify and am immune to time
There are more details I may have to go in detail about the power to adapt but eh it’s the best super power I’d choose.
574 days ago
I rate all the superpowers as diseases.
578 days ago
637 days ago
I would not choose any superpower, because I exactly thought, what can go wrong with the superpowers.
637 days ago
25% telepath 25% invis 17% teleporter 17% super strength 17% regeneration... what is this balance??? am I anime protagonist or something? like what, I am op... invis AND telepathy? that'd be even more op with teleporter, i'd be untouchable.
881 days ago
"I exactly thought, what can go wrong with the superpowers."
892 days ago
"I would not choose any superpower."
915 days ago
I didn’t understand the results
920 days ago
"I would not choose any Superpower"